Is Evelyn Smith Really One of the Best Challengers?

Much like I did last week, I wanted to re-evaluate some of the greatest people to compete on The Challenge. Last week I looked at Landon, and now I want to look at Evelyn. Ev is constantly viewed as one of the best girls to play the game. In fact, many people will say she’s the best girl. Starting with her first season, I want … Continue reading Is Evelyn Smith Really One of the Best Challengers?

Game Changers: The Inferno 3

For the first time in nearly 2 years we’re on a Challenge off-season. During this period I’d like to recap some of the older Challenge, Real World, and Road Rules seasons. I’m not going to summarize each episode of the season. Rather, I want to focus on seasons that shifted the direction of the shows. A while ago, I did this for The Gauntlet 2. … Continue reading Game Changers: The Inferno 3

10 Of The Toughest Challenges Ever

Last week we saw the Battle of the Exes 2 cast compete in a grueling challenge called Don’t Forget About Me that only half of the cast could finish. Many of the people competing said it was the toughest challenge ever, and it certainly had a few people stressing out. Let’s check out some of the other challenges that were overly difficult. This list does … Continue reading 10 Of The Toughest Challenges Ever

Dullest Challenge Seasons

People tune into The Challenge for battles, drama, and competition. While some seasons are packed with action, others are seriously lacking. These are the seasons that didn’t quite meet expectations. In fact, they fell far below them. 5. Battle of the Exes There’s serious potential in putting 13 pairs of exes in a house, but this season didn’t meet expectations. The most notable drama was … Continue reading Dullest Challenge Seasons

Throwback: CT or Derrick, Better Bad Ass Asset

This week, we’re going to throw back to The Inferno 3. Many people forget this season even existed, but it did. If you do remember this season you likely remember it for one of two reasons: Derrick getting his first win or CT getting sent home in about 4 hours. The former would not have been possible without the latter because Derrick replaced CT when … Continue reading Throwback: CT or Derrick, Better Bad Ass Asset