Real World Ex-Plosion

Brian & Jenny At Baby Shower


A lot of Real Worlders & Challengers are pregnant or recently had babies. All of these infants have one thing in common: they have a parent who starred on an MTV show. However, little baby Delich-Williams will join the world as a member of an elite class, BOTH of his/her parents have starred on a reality show.

With less than a month to his arrival, Jenny posted a picture of herself and Brian at the baby shower, and I must say that she is still looking great. It’s great to see her and Brian doing so well together and getting ready to embark on a new stage in life. Has nice as it is to see them doing to well, their is a part of me that’s upset because this baby will make it less likely that we will see them on a Challenge any time soon.

Still, I wish Jenny & Brian the best of luck!! Hopefully the next Challenge season has a daycare and they can show up.


  1. I believe that sooner or later, the challenges will have daycare centers especially to attract the old school challengers.

  2. Even though I’m happy for them, it sucks their having a child because these two would’ve been challenge gold. I think MTV is long gone for these two.

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