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20 Road Rulers Who Retired from The Challenge Too Soon

As recently noted, Road Rules recently celebrated its 20th birthday. The show has given us many memorable cast members on The Challenge, and despite the fact that some only spent a little bit of time on our screens they made a lasting impression. These are 20 of the people who appeared on The Challenge and left it too soon:

3969820920. Danny Dias ( Road Rules X-treme, last seen on The Gauntlet 2)

On the 13th season of Road Rules, vulgarity took human form in Danny Dias. His only Challenge appearance was on The Gauntlet 2 where he freaked out on his fellow Roadie Jodi. While he wound up losing to Alton in a humiliating fashion, there is no doubt that Danny could have produced many more humorously uncomfortable moments.

19. Christian Breivik (Road Rules Second Adventure, last seen on The Extreme Challenge)

Christian was the only silver lining to the Road Rules team during The Extreme Challenge. Never have the Road Rulers displayed a poorer performance than they did on that season, but Christian was the little Norwegian who could. He consistently performed well, and could have contributed to future Road Rules teams if he returned to The Challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.54.19 PM18. Sophia Pasquis (Road Rules The Quest, last seen on Battle of the Sexes 2)

After proving she was one of the tougher females on Battle of the Sexes 2, Sophia made it to the end of her first Challenge. She was the first openly gay person to ever be cast on Road Rules, and it’s a shame her Challenge journey had to end so quickly.

17. Adam Larson (Road Rules The Quest, last seen on The Gauntlet 2 & Road Rules Viewers Revenge)

Adam was alway a wild card when he competed. Sometimes he was a prankster, other times he was fighting in parking lots. Sometimes he was winning Challenges, other times he’d lose the first Gauntlet. Whether you liked him or loathed him, Adam’s disappointing departure on The Gauntlet 2 certainly tarnished his reputation and he’s yet to fully redeem himself.

16. Kendal Sheppard (Road Rules Campus Crawl, last seen on The Inferno)

Kendal’s only Challenge appearance was a successful one, allowing her to become a winner on her first season. Not only did she win the big prize, but she also hooked up with the one-and-only Miz. Despite the fact that she has expressed interest, production has yet to let Kendal defend her title.

15. Eric Jones (Road Rules Campus Crawl, last seen on Battle of the Sexes)

On Road Rules, he was the all-American and muscle of the team. On Battle of the Sexes, he was the third person out. Not only was he a fan favorite on his original season, but his only Challenge appearance never let him reach his full potential.

14. Holly Pelletier (Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour, last seen on Battle of the Seasons)

Holly didn’t create a positive image for herself during her only Challenge. She ruthlessly eliminated her biggest competition and found herself in many arguments. Despite the fact that she was usually on the losing side of arguments, she was usually on the winning side of mission… at least when compared to the other Road Rulers. Her success on Battle of the Seasons has never been matched, because she has never returned.

13. Dan Walsh (Road Rules Viewers Revenge, last seen on Cutthroat)

On his first Challenge appearance, Dan was a hot mess. When he returned on Cutthroat, Dan was sober and ready to perform. Despite his mediocre performance, his positive life style changes allowed him to establish a better name for himself. Unfortunately, he was not returned because production seems to like drunk Dan more.

dave_281x21112. Dave Giuntoli (Road Rules South Pacific, last seen on The Gauntlet)

Despite only doing one Challenge, Dave is already a champion. On The Challenge he is best remembers for dating fellow Roadie Cara and being one of the more level-headed people on his team. However, I bet production are kicking themselves in the asses for not getting him on more Challenges when they could because he’s kinda famous now.

11. Los Jackson (Road Rules First Adventure, last seen on Challenge 2000)

Los may be the most argumentative male on Road Rules history. He is best remembered for fighting over pizza and running away from his RV during Challenge 2000. Despite the fact that he was good TV, he hasn’t really been on TV in a while.

10. Ayanna Mackins (Road Rules Semester at Sea, last seen on Battle of the Sexes 2)

Emotional? Yes. Passionate? Yes. Willing to throw a punch? Yes. Ayanna always found herself in some drama, and despite the fact that her frustrations were usually justified she aways blew things out of proportion. Beneath all of this was a solid competitor who probably could have won, or at least caused us to laugh a lot.

9. Angela Trimbur (Road Rules X-treme, last seen on Battle of the Sexes 2)

Angela was the emotional girl on Road Rules, and it was no different on The Challenge. Despite the fact that she was perceived to be weak and fragile, she managed to last half way through the season and snag a boyfriend along the way. She broke up with her boyfriend Frank, and left The Challenge to pursue different on-screen endeavors.

tina-barta-fresh-meat8. TIna Barta (Road Rules South Pacific, last seen on The Duel)

Tina went out with a bang, and that mean punching Beth in the face. However, there was a time when she has a lot of potential. She came close to winning on multiple occasions only to fall short and come in second. If she kept doing Challenges she could have reached victory, but she never seized the opportunity to reach that goal.

7. Antoine de Bouverie (Road Rules Europe, last seen on Battle of the Sexes) 

The little foreigner who could, Antoine almost made it to the finals on Battle of the Sexes (and most likely would have won). He was the last person to get eliminated but he didn’t leave without creating some memorable moments. Whether it was attempting to woo every woman in the house or learning American slang, there’s no denying that Antoine could have become a Challenge favorite.

281x2116. Angel Turlington (Road Rules Viewers Revenge, last seen on The Gauntlet 3)

On The Gauntlet 3, Angel was more of a lover than a hater. She was relatively calm and was flirting with Mr. Tenderoni himself Nehemiah. On Road Rules, we saw that she has the potential to get confrontational, and it would have been great to see that side when dealing with some of the snakes on the show.

5. James Orlando (Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour, last seen on Battle of the Seasons)

James was an overly emotional jock. An odd combination, but one that made him ultra-competitive and the center of love triangles. Last time he was on The Challenge he was dating Emily from Road Rules 2. Given the fact that the relationship ended, he could have tried to win over another unsuspecting female.

belou_281x2114. Belou Den Tex (Road Rules Europe, last seen on Battle of the Seasons)

YO! Belou was a combination of everything you never see on The Challenge anymore: a good motha, a white rapper, and a foreign badass. While we may have needed subtitles to understand most of what she said, she was basically reality TV gold. She clearly learned English from the Jerry Springer show and said “yo” or “bitch” every other word. Perhaps editing her was too tough, or production just couldn’t afford a babysitter, but it was a huge mistake not getting her back.

3. piggy_281x211Piggy Thomas (Road Rules Australia, last seen on Battle of the Seasons)

Piggy was on the dramatic side, but who wouldn’t be if you had to go through life with the name Piggy? She was a good competitor, more outspoken than most, and stubborn to the core. The last time we saw her, she took an early flight home due to the fact that people didn’t want her partner Chadwick to be in power alongside his wife Holly. She was original on The Inferno, but had to leave for unknown reasons (though you can find speculation if you look hard enough). Despite her departure, fan were still hoping she’d one day come back.

55df46e075cd524d2371aa8c9665257c2. Yes Duffy (Road Rules Semester at Sea, last seen on Battle of the Sexes)

Perhaps one of the most well-liked Roadies during his time, Yes’s final appearance was massively underwhelming. Getting minimal camera time and eliminated early on Battle of the Sexes, he left sometime to be desired. While he may not have been the strongest guy in the world, he tended to be on the more sensible side and fans showed up to cheer him on during Challenge 2000. He also made the Semester at Sea season seem a little less crazy, given the fact that the main two other representations were Ayanna and Veronica.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.11.58 PM1. Ellen Cho (Road Rules The Quest, last seen on Battle of the Sexes)

It’s a true shame that Ellen only appeared on one Challenge, but her sole appearance give viewed everything the could have wanted. Consistently one of the top performing girls on Battle of the Sexes, Ellen spent most of the season in power. Her fearlessness didn’t end on the playing field because she wasn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with Puck. She’s one of the people you’d love or hate. Too bad we haven’t seen her in 12 years.


  1. It’s a shame that people like Kendal, Ayanna, Tina, belou, and Adam had interest in returning but production did want them, in Ayanna case money, or Adam because he did not fit in the right theme ever though a team of him and Abe for rivals would of been great.

  2. Agreed that Emily Bailey is a missed cast member! As is Holly from RR: Latin America & Christina from RR: South America!

    I’m curious–what is the speculation about Piggy not being on Inferno 3?

    1. Piggy was originally on the first Inferno but left on the second night or something, ultimately being replaced by Christena. It was rumored that she ODed on drugs, but someone said she has a personal or family issue that required immediate attention. If you look at the first episode of The Inferno you can see her hair on the boat when the cast is arriving and in a group shot when Dave is explaining the rules. I remember Kendal had a blog where she posted a picture of Piiggy, but I haven’t seen the pictures in about 10 years.

      1. Thanks for filling me in. Damn, well, I’m glad that she seems to have recovered. I always thought that she was a great addition to the show–funny, smart, brazen. Would love to see her return.

  3. Also I think Los left just in time. He would have been going home early if he a challenge that voted off people. He was hot and cold in his original season but he was just cold to his fellow team members especially to Veronica and Piggy, who did try to make a swing at him (she missed). Can you imagine if he did the First Gauntlet with Veronica with Rachel?

  4. Also I like to throw in Jillian’s (RR: Extreme) name on here. She won a challenge, a finalist on another, and let’s face should have won on Gauntlet 2, she should have been on the final. Too bad, it was captain’s vote (Kina’s who also could be on this list) instead of team vote (which the veteran’s did) because it would have been Ibis going home. I wished Kina listened to Rachel (Back to NY) where in the Gauntlet she said “If your friendship depended on a vote then you didn’t have a strong friendship to begin with,” .

  5. Kendal & Cara were my huge crushes from Campus Crawl.

    The three girls from X-Treme I thought would dominate The Challenge didn’t stay around too long, (Ibis, Jodi & Kina.)

    Christena Pyle was always a force but not very entertaining to watch.

    I remember Jisela from The Quest being pretty crazy and entertaining haha.

    So glad Yes made the list. I always rooted for him.

    BTW. Rememebr Ayanna on BOS breaking down, “I slept in my uniform last night!”

  6. Is christian breivik the same one that murdered all those people in Norway? I can’t find a picture of the christian breivik from RR, only the serial killer?

  7. I understand why Derek viewers revenge isn’t on the list but all his eliminations involved puzzles and climbing and since he was accepted by over 200 colleges for football he would of been a beast in physical elimination rounds.

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