Should The Real World Cast Twins?

There’s an epidemic on reality TV. If you’re watching Big Brother or Bad Girls Club this summer you’ll notice it. Hell, VH1 even has a whole show based around it. It’s called twins, and they’re everywhere.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.20.56 PM

Sure, MTV has cast people on The Real World before who were twins, but only one on the twins (or triplets) were on the show. Nicole on Real World Skeletons is an example. Thomas on Real World Ex-Plosion is another example.

Would twins be welcome on the Real World? While being a twin isn’t the most common thing in the world, almost everyone knows a pair of twins. The real world has tackled a lot of issues, and twins have their own set of struggles in the world. Whether it’s separation anxiety or establishing their own identity, only having one twin in the house cannot fully explore these issues. It would also be interesting to see how the other roommates react to an established pair coming into the house because the show usually casts complete strangers.

This is also where the problem may life, twins are not strangers. Of course, The Real World has cast people who were not complete strangers before, but no one with the closeness of twins. For some twins, casting the other twin may hurt their experience. This experience is often an opportunity to establish an independent identity and that cannot be done with the other twin in the house.

Still, it twins remains one of the most common issues that The Real World has not explored. Should twins enter the house?

Also, keep in mind this post is simply for discussion purposes. I have no reasons to believe, nor am I implying that, twins will be on the upcoming Real World season.


3 thoughts on “Should The Real World Cast Twins?

  1. Maybe if they had long lost siblings or twins seperated at birth or when they were really young that they won’t remember each other.

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