Real World Skeletons

Madison & Tony Expecting First Child

Breaking news from our favorite Real World: Skeletons couple: they’re pregnant!

Madison took to Instagram today to make the announcement. She has a bundle of joy on the way, and Tony is the father.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.03.19 PM

It was about a year ago that the two met when they first moved into the Chicago Real World house. After filming wrapped in November of 2014, the two seem to have remained very close. They two seem to still be going strong, and it looks like they have a reason to keep on being Tadison!

Very excited for the two of them, they’re just adding to the list of Real World babies that have been welcomed into the world recently.



  1. Just like Brain & Jenny, I’m happy for them, but also sad because it looks like no challenges for any of them in the future : (

    1. Tony is on the next challenge but unless the producers put a daycare center in those Challenge houses it might be the only one they do.

      1. I say bring the babies in the house like Belou did on Battle of the Seasons and Puck on Battle of the Sexes : )

  2. There’s like a pregnancy disease going around with real world and challengers in the past 2 years. Paula twice, Theresa, Madison/tony, Jenny/brian, Kim, Callie (might of been more then 2 years ago), Coral (same as Callie), Veronica and Tami both were pregnant but had miscarriages, Rachel/Sean are expecting their seventh child, Katie, and there is probably more that I did not list.

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