Ten Craziest Challenge Cat Fights

Girl-on-girl. It is a fantasy of many people, but it takes a unique meaning for the producers of The Challenge. Over the years we have had many notable catfights on the show, but some stand out above the rest. Here are a look at the 10 best girl fights we’ve ever seen:

10. Jenn vs. Cara Maria (Rivals)


What happens when an entitled veteran gets attacked by a misfit rookie? Cue to Jenn and Cara Maira’s fight on Rivals. The two started to tiff when Cara Maria proposed that Jenn & Mandi get thrown into the final elimination of the season, and in the process doubted Jenn’s relationship with Adam (it was fake). In addition to avoiding the elimination, Jenn started to make fun of Cara and make fun of her relationship with Abe. As much as Cara wanted to ignore Jenn, the claws came out when Abe’s name got thrown around.

9. Kina vs. Cara (The Gauntlet 2)

Alliances tend to rub people the wrong way, and when Kina heard that Cara and Susie were conspiring with the other team to avoid eliminations she got pissed. Though they initially denied the alliance, it was clearly true (even though Kina also had an obvious alliance with the X-treme girls). Bickering wasn’t enough for these two. Their feud ended when Kina beat Cara in an elimination.

8. Aneesa vs. Trishelle (Rivals 2)

cattytrishanTrishelle apparently got terribly annoyed when Aneesa made a conversation about Marlon’s sexuality into a story about her own life. Once Trishelle started criticizing Aneesa, and all of groups she identifies with, Aneesa confronted Trishelle by bringing out her 2002 nickname “Trashelle.” The fight almost got physical, but Aneesa was able to prevent Trishelle from attacking her by pushing her face.

7. Emily vs. Veronica (Battle of the Sexes)

A staple of the inner circle, Emily was no stranger to using her power to end personal issues. Apparently, Veronica has an affair with Emily’s then-boyfriend James. So, Emily decided to convince the other girls in the inner circle that Veronica was evil. Once they were convinced, Veronica was told to back her bags. Blindsided, Veronica didn’t have much to say to Emily’s face. However, she did leave with some memorable parting words: “This game is UGLY. The inner circle is UGLY. and I don’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

6. Nia vs. Nany (Battle of the Exes 2)


Angered by the fact that she was sent into elimination over a team of chumps (Bananas and Nany), Nia went on a tirade calling out every person in the house. In the process, she insulted Nany for being the house harlot. I believe her exact words were “cum-guzzling slut.” Of course, Nany fought back and the girls got into one of the most heated exchanges in recent Challenge history.

5. Julie vs. Coral (The Inferno)

Julie has always been on the crazy side, but when she got into a confrontation with Melissa on Battle of the Sexes she made more enemies than Melissa. A year later, Julie appeared on The Inferno and found a foe in Coral. Not only did Coral play a hand in Julie getting eliminated, but when Julie suggested that Coral get nominated for The Inferno all hell broke loose. The girls didn’t get into a verbal fight, rather Julie invited Coral to wrestle. They never got to brawling, but Coral did drop a bunch or memorable one-liners in the process.

4. Tonya vs. Veronica (The Ruins)


Perhaps the most physical fight on the list, Tonya’s pent-up anger from Veronica’s bullying 5 years ago manifested itself on The Ruins. The two coexisted peacefully for the first couple of weeks on the season, but when they finally had the opportunity to talk Tonya let Veronica feel her anger. First, Tonya threw noodles on Veronica. Then, she grabbed Veronica by the hair and hit her. A sad ending to old drama.

3. Paula vs. Laurel (Rivals)

With Cara Maria being victim #1 on Rivals, the whole cast started to gang up on her. After Wes poured a bottle of soda on her, Paula began adding fuel to the fire. When Laurel saw Paula, who had her share of personal issues, picking on Cara Maria she wasted no time reminding Paula why she shouldn’t make fun of Cara Mara. Laurel touched on everything, including: Paula’s eating disorders, failed relationships, and failed Challenge attempts. Worst of all, Laurel showed no remorse.

2. Katie vs. Veronica (The Gauntlet & The Inferno)

cattykatieOn The Gauntlet, Katie got mad at Veronica who apparently voted her into The Gauntlet (she didn’t). On The Inferno, Veronica made it 100% clear that she was voting for Katie even going so far as to throwing missions to get her into The Inferno. After Katie won two Infernos and was securely in the final, she lashed out on Veronica. She called Veronica ever name in the book such as: a slut, a whore, and c-words that aren’t four letters long. The two never fully recovered from their exchange, but they did name to work on future teams together.

1. Tonya vs. Beth (The Inferno 2)

l_6b87e3214f421c7c568d59a395dd8e8dTonya has a unique way of communicating with others. On The Inferno 2, she brought pictures of her and Mark Long and showed these pictures to Beth. Beth then told Robin, who confronted Tonya for her slutty behavior and photo. After rumors circulated, Tonya confronted Beth who spread this gossip. However, Beth was sleepy and didn’t want to take to Tonya. So what does Tonya do? Throw Beth’s belongings in the pool. Beth is mad, started throwing challenges, and quit the show.

8 thoughts on “Ten Craziest Challenge Cat Fights

  1. In Battle of the Sexes, it was Rachel who said that quote after Emily convinced the inner circle to vote her out. This was before Veronica got the boot.

  2. I don’t Aneesa the stripper should have called Trishelle “Trashelle” also Jemmye had a hand in that as well. Also Honestly I wished Tonya should have been able to strike Veronica longer than did.

  3. Everyone pretty much has beef with Beth, but I think Beth vs Tina should’ve been on this list. Maybe if Tina actually punched her harder she could’ve made the list?

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