10 Real Worlders Who Were Clearly Built For the Challenge- But Never Did One

It sometimes feels like The Real World is the final casting stage for The Challenge. People get on the show, stay low-key throughout the season, then take form on The Challenge. There are some casting choices that so clearly scream “Challenge material,” yet they never set foot on a Challenge. These are the people who could dominate, or at least stir up the house, but never took the opportunity to kick ass on The Challenge.

Tami (Real World Los Angeles)


A dancer who is no stranger to sleeping her way into success, Tami shook up the Real World LA house. Despite the fact that there was a big gap between her Real Wolrd and the first Challenge season, she would have been an interesting character as The Challenge began to take form.

Chris (Real World Chicago)


Openly gay and a gym rat, Chris seemed like the perfect candidate to kick ass as the Challenges started to become more intense and elimination-based. Perhaps his modeling career took priority in his life, but production missed out on someone who could have taken out some Road Rulers.

Trisha (Real World Sydney)


Would Trisha have kicked ass? Maybe, but probably not. Would she have been an accessory to Johnny, Kenny & Evan’s success? Most likely. Trisha was the most dramatic part of the Sydney season of The Real World, and her antics would have likely carried over to The Challenge.

Greg (Real World Hollywood)


Greg left The Real World satisfied with the fact that he successfully became the biggest douche bag in the show’s history, but this model played by no one else’s rules. While his muscles may just be show muscles for his modeling career, he certainly was not out of shape. Greg could have caused waves on The Challenge, or (more likely) self-destructed due to his unnecessary drama.

Ryan (Real World Brooklyn)


This Iraq veteran has been through battles almost no one else on The Challenge could understand. Not only would be come into the show with unique perspectives, but he would definitely be a fan favorite that we’d be rooting for.

Scott (Real World Brooklyn)


In his audition tape, while at the gym, Scott talked about how he wanted to eventually get on The Challenge. Then modeling became a priority and he never made it onto the show. Still, he was built to kick ass and he is in better shape than ever. Though he may not be the most interesting competitor, he is a huge lost opportunity for the show.

Ashley (Real World DC)


The drama queen of the DC season (not saying much), Ashley would have been a source of entertainment on The Challenge and was certainly not the weakest (or strongest) girl on her season. She’s would have been a good balance of everything The Challenge looks for.

Mike (Real World DC)


While he’s not the most dramatic. Mike had enough muscle to make waves in The Challenge. Another gay cast member, he brings a unique perspective to the show and stands a much greater chance on the show than, say, Preston.

Ashlee (Real World New Orleans)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 2.22.04 PM

A college basketball player, Ashlee is the only member of the Real World New Orleans cast that I could see going all the way. Sadly, her job as a radio host is going to keep her away from the show and her ex-boyfriend Zach serves as double motivation to stay off of the show. Of course, they would make a great pairing for Exes 3 if it ever happens.

Brian (Real World Ex-Plosion)


While I wouldn’t rule out anyone on this list (except for Tami or Chris), Brian stands the best chance of making an appearance. He’s made of muscle and has the mind of Plato. Clearly he is perfect for The Challenge, but are a lot of other obligations keeping him from the show.

Who would you like to see on The Challenge?


  1. This list is awesome. Out of the ten on your list I really wish Scott and Ryan did challenges. I would’ve been a huge fan of team Brooklyn if those guys were put in place instead of boring ass Chet & JD. Also if Scott was on the Ruins it would’ve been amazing considering he wanted to take out the JEK Empire & Wes

    1. I’m guessing that Ryan didn’t want to deal with the immaturity of the challenge. Scott and Trisha are surprises. Maybe the Ashleys and DC Mike down the line but doubtful but who knows. I heard Greg was bitter at BMP for the boot and refusals to come back. Also if the producers put a daycare center in the challenge, Brian will do it.

      1. BMP hated Greg too. For episodes of the show where he was still in the opening credits after he left, they had his headshoot splashed with paint.

  2. Add Malik (Back to New York), Kyle (Chicago), Sarah (Philadelphia), Jose (Key West), Parisa (Sydney), Joey, Will (Hollywood), Baya (Brooklyn), Eric (Back to New Orleans), Joi (Portland), and Arielle (Ex-Plosion)

  3. I forgot to mention Simon from rw Paris. He got into really great shape and was interested in doing a challenge around battle of the seasons.

  4. Brynn from the first Vegas season didn’t do a challenge and the only one from a Vegas season not to do one. I remember when there was a internet radio channel called the Fishbowl where it was mostly Reality TV alum working there and she was a recurring guest on the Real World show and she said that she did get called but the casting directors said “Oh you have kids, never mind,” I doubt she will because she has what three, four kids now.

  5. Broome said he’d never do a challenge. I met him around the Boston area. He gave me a good update on him and his class

  6. yeah I met him too! deffo not coming back to mtv. he’s happy and still working for student city

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