Real World Skeletons

Tony & Madison Break Up

Oh no! Looks like the power couple from Real World Skeletons has broken up! Shortly after Madison’s pregnancy was announced, Tony took to Instagram to Instagram to announce their break up:

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.34.51 PM

So, despite telling us that they have broken up, Tony is leaving it up to Madison to reveal the truth behind the break up. While this reason is in no way confirmed, hints may be found if you look around social media.

Either way, I had high hopes for this couple and am see to see this pairing come to an end.


  1. It wouldn’t have been sad if they didn’t have the kid on the way but they did. I hope Tony and Madison can be civil for the kid’s sake. I hope Tony can be there and support the kid.

  2. Watching the first episode of the challenge season 27 and tony hooked up with a girl while Maddison was at home. Think this has anything to do with it??

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