Battle of the Bloodlines

Five Alumni to Get Excited For on Battle of the Bloodlines

In between the buckets of unknowns and the same old alumni, there are some interesting people appearing on Battle of the Bloodlines. Similar to the post I made a couple of days ago pertaining to bloodlines to be excited for, here are some of the alumni you should be excited for:



Aneesa holds two records. With Battle of the Bloodlines on her resume, she is the female with the most Challenge appearances. She is also the person who has done the most seasons without a win. When Aneesa comes on a show, she usually makes it pretty far into the game, but with such a fresh cast her seniority may be her biggest weakness… or biggest advantage.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 8.30.52 PM

Cory is the newbie to keep an eye on. Why? Because he was a hot mess on Real World Ex-Plosion with fights, hook ups, and pregnancy scares. Also, he has more muscle than most guys in the house. Physically he is ready for the game, but his social game could cost him the game.


kellyanne-juddCara Maria is about to do her eight season. Kellyanne’s last Challenge appearance was prior to Cara Maria’s debut. Kellyanne comes into this house only knowing a handful of people: her ex Cohutta and her enemy Johnny Bananas. Perhaps she has buried the hatchet with her past drama, or perhaps she will seize the opportunity to be a born again Challenge virgin.


cohutta-lee-grindstaff-real-worldCohutta is known to be the dark horse of The Challenge, and he did a good job illustrating that on The Ruins and Free Agents. This time he comes into the house with a lot of baggage: his exes Nany and Kellyanne. Will he be able to perform well on his fourth Challenge Or will the baggage be too much?

Cara Maria

cara-maria-sorbello-real-world-2 For Paula and Sarah, the eighth time was the charm. This is Cara Maria’s eighth attempt. Will Cara Maria follow suit and win on her eighth attempt? It seems like Cara Maria always finds herself as an outcast on these shows, and as strong as she is, finding herself in ample eliminations always jeopardizes her game. This time she comes with a strong cousin and she’s getting super cozy with a newbie. Will her strength and newfound friendships help her coast to the end?

Who are you excited to see on Battle of the Bloodlines?


  1. Cara Maria will probably follow suit and win on her 8th season hopefully … I just have a feeling she will. but the again i had feeling she would make it to the finals on rivals 2

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