Battle of the Bloodlines

Battle of the Bloodlines: Top Moments from Episode 1

Just like I do every season, we’re going to kick things off with the best moments from the first episode of Battle of the Bloodlines. Normally, I will do five moments, but we’re going to do seven from the first episode because it wan an hour and a half long.

1. Welcome to Turkey!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.35.48 PM

The cast has returned to Turkey, in the exact same house where Battle of the Seasons was filmed. This time, it’s a family vacation because everyone has arrived with a “bloodline.” Mostly cousins, but some siblings and some twins. TJ is not giving as many details about the game as he normally does, but he does let us know that there is $350,000 up for grabs. How this prize will be split? You’ll have to get to the final to find out.

2. Love at Second Sight

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.53.07 PM

Christina gets into the house, and immediately thinks she is still playing Are You the One. She tries to flirt with every guy in the house, but Stephen denies her. Then, she moves to Tony, who has a problem falling for blondes. In fact, he is still in a relationship with Madison from his Real World season. Madison isn’t in the house, so Tony decides to take Christina to the boom boom room (AKA the bathroom) and hook up with her. Tony denies that anything happened, but Christina opens up immediately.


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.58.54 PM

Tony apparently tells Larissa that she will be the first to go because she is short. Camila and Nicole (Nany’s cousin) take offense to this, and then Nicole finds it necessary to stand up and yell at Tony. This immediately makes Tony public enemy #1, and Shane tells his brother to check his ego. The two keep fighting because Shane thinks that Tony’s antics will send them to The Pit. Frustrated, Tony throws his brother into a wall and Shane throws fists. Production and cast mates step in and break up the fight. Tony immediately apologizes, but TJ gives the team a warning because physical violence is naughty.

4. Waterworks 

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.10.45 PMThis season’s first challenge is called Water Battle. The premise is to climb a steep muddy hill, fill your bucket and water, and transfer it to your team’s bucket. The team with the most water wins. The girls go first, and they are all terrible. Some girls, like Aneesa, shimmies her way to the top and at least has the dignity to try. Other girls deem this too tough and just stop. Then the men go. Bananas and Vince immediately take a lead, and Cara Maria notices. So, Cara Maria and Kellyanne tell their cousins to fill Cohutta’s bucket. With four people pouring water into his bucket, Cohutta and Jill beat Bananas and Vince by a small margin. Cohutta and Jill become the first team to win, so they get to select another team to go into The Pit and fact Jenna and Brianna, the last place team.

5. Girl Powerless

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.19.04 PM

Cohutta and Jill decide to send a rookie team into The Pit. Because Cohutta didn’t decide to have Anthony and Jamie help them, he doesn’t want to ruffle more feather by sending in a more powerful team. TJ announces that this is a girl’s elimination, so the selected team must have at least one girl in it. So, Cohutta and Jill send in Christina and Emily.

6. The Chronicles of Nanya

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.30.07 PM

The cast goes clubbing, and while Cory is grinding up on Aneesa, Vince is spreading rumors and telling people Cory hooked up with Nany. Cory confronts Vince, and the two basically get into a flexing contest where they threaten each other knowing neither of them will do anything. Nany gets upset that she always ends up looking like a slut, and Nicole starts crying. The cast then leaves knowing everyone is way too drunk to leave with any dignity.

7. On a Tight Rope

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.36.19 PM

TJ announces the next twist. Only one person will compete in The Pit. That competitor holds the fate of his/her bloodline. The elimination becomes a battle between Christina and Jenna, and their game is called End of My Rope. The goal is to clip a rope onto a carabiner, but in order to get enough rope to reach the carabiner contestants must whip their rope over poles creating more slack. At the poles get further away, this becomes more difficult. Christina gets off to a quick start, but gets stuck on the second to last pole.While Jenna takes longer to find her rhythm, she never gets stuck like Christina. She eventually passes Christina and wins the first Pit of the season, keeping herself and Brianna safe and sending Christina and Emily home.


    1. To an extant there has been other fights on the real world and the challenges and no one went home. Brian/Cory and Ct/Ty.

      1. But RW is different from The Challenge. The Challenge is generally more strict. Production sends folks home if any punches are thrown or if anyone is inappropriately touched or assaulted. RW has a history of allowing the housemates to decide if someone should go home or not following violence in the house.

        I was also surprised that Tony & Shane were not evicted. They should have been.

    2. Honestly there is NO way they went into this season thinking there wouldn’t be fights. Especially between siblings.

      1. Well Dustin shoved his hand into Frank’s face, Ana slapped ct, jenn hit mandi (fresh meat 2), and ct hit ty (rivals 2). they let others stay even though they aren’t as big of hits but still they put their hands on others which is against the rules.

    3. Typically, they’ll ask the cast if everyone is OK with them staying. If everyone is, they stay I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the cast. all allowed them to stay. This happened on Fresh Meat 2, and Jenn got to stay. It also happened on a fight on Cutthroat where Shauvon hit Vinny with a necklace (only on the shit they would have shown) and the whole cast let her stay.

  1. The game format is so unfair. I mean look at the first challenge, do we really expect to see teams that are guy/girl and especially girl/girl beat out teams that have two guys?

    1. Obviously they gave a huge advantage to bananas by giving him vinny. Someone who is in great shape and almost made it into the nfl. Speed and strength they will beat anyone. Is there any legit proof they are related because their pictures from the past only show them as teenagers or adults while everyone else is shown as kids.

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