Battle of the Bloodlines

Can The Blue Team Be Saved?

Four challenges with the new teams, and the blue team has yet to win. Despite the fact that there are some strong members on the blue team, they cannot manage to defeat the red team. With only 4 more challenges (most likely, unless they have two eliminations after the final challenge), the red team has the clear advantage.\

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 8.25.02 PM

While the blue team has been losing, they have not been losing stellar players. Larissa, Raphy, Nany, and Stephen were not exactly shining starts this season (even Nany underperformed). Losing has not necessarily hurt the team because they have had the opportunity send in their weak players. Additionally, the remaining players seem to be the better performers. Kellyanne is has been proving her worth to the team. Mike has been willing to face difficult tasks, Mitch has done well with the exception of this most recent challenge. Of course, there’s also Vince who seems to be a physical threat but never does well and Aneesa who voluntarily disqualified herself on the most recent challenge.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the blue team is the lack of leadership. While Johnny and Cara Maria have experience on the red team, Jamie seems to be the leader for the blue team and he has no experience on The Challenge. Aneesa is the most seasoned person on the team, but she seems to be aligning with the red team veterans. The other alumnae, Kellyanne and Jenna, don’t seem to be strong leaders on the team.

While the blue team lacks leadership, the existing leadership on the red team may be their problem in the future. Abe and Cara Maria seem to be opposing Johnny Bananas and his allies (if they even exist). This type of division on the team could create struggles for team red, Add in the fact that two of the weakest people (Rianna and Brianna) are on the red team, and they could be heading to disaster.

Do you think the blue team can turn things around?


  1. Remember when the teams were first drafted, everyone thought the blue team was the better and stronger side?

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