Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Real World Go Big or Go Home Premiers March 17th

Thursday, March 17th will marks the premier of the 31st Real World season Entertainment Weekly reveals.


The twist this season? Go Big Or Go Home. This season seems to fuse Real World, Road Rules and The Challenge in a way we’ve never seen before.

Here’s how the twist works: every week the cast will have a mission. They may be group missions, they may be individual missions, or they may task them to face their fears. If the cast fails, then someone is going home.

What do you think of this twist? Will it be fun, or will it ruin the intent of the show?


  1. So it basically doesn’t even make it the real world anymore. But is that a bad thing? I’m all for the twist it sounds good!

  2. I’m not really interested anymore, there something about the last few seasons that has rubbed me the wrong way. It’s not even the twists, it’s more so the editing,the cast, and the new house music theme song. They’re turning the real world into jersey shore or party down south.

  3. Don’t like it, don’t like it at ALL!
    I’m getting tired of these twists for the Real World. Ok I liked skeletons. But skeletons pushed it a bit. The Real World is 7 strangers picked to live in a house. 7 different unique, different strangers from all walks of life. They need to cast interesting people. With interesting storylines and I bet
    The ratings will go up

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