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A Comprehensive List of People Who Don’t Like Cara Maria

This week, we saw Aneesa call of Cara Maria. It seems like Aneesa wasn’t mad at Cara Maria for one thing, it seems like Aneesa’s animosity had been building up for years. Unfortunately for Cara Maria, she has never been the most popular kids on these shows. Here’s a list of all the people that don’t exactly enjoy Cara Maria. In fact, most of these people still dislike her.

Ayiiia (Cutthroat)

The first person to really call out Cara Maria, Ayiiia felt Cara Maria was using Abe to sleep her way to success. While time proved that was not exactly the case, this would become a staple accusation for Cara Maria on the show.

Laurel (Cutthroat, Rivals, Free Agents)

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 1.54.36 PMAccording to Laurel on Cutthroat, Cara Maria was a JV player on a varsity team… and she told this to Cara Maria right to her face. This feeling lasted throughout the season and resulted in them becoming rivals. While they built a strong bond during that season, Cara Maria’s dependency on this friendship during Free Agents lead to further fights.

3. Jenn (Rivals)


Jenn was pretty relentless to Cara Maria on Rivals. She made fun of Cara for being weird, a loner, her relationship with Abe… pretty much everything. They almost got into a physical fight and had various screaming matches.

The true story: In order for the cast to go out to clubs, EVERYONE had to go. Cara Maria often didn’t want to go out, and when she was convinced to she’d just mope around. The angered Jenn, who loves to drink and party.

Wes (Fresh Meat 2, Rivals, Rivals 2)


On Rivals, Wes thought Cara Maria was annoying. However, he took this to new levels when he poured a bottle of “cola” all over her to annoy her. While that remains Wes’s biggest act of disapproval toward Cara Maria, he frequently described her as annoying and weird.

Paula (Rivals, Rivals 2)


Paula has always considered Cara Maria to be annoying, and she instigated fights on Rivals where Cara Maria got victimized. Paula’s feelings harbored themselves again on Rivals 2 when she made sure Cara Maria saw multiple eliminations.

Johnny Bananas (Rivals, Rivals 2, Free Agents, Battle of the Bloodlines)


To avoid turing rumors into facts, we’ll just say that Bananans finds Cara Maria annoying. Really annoying. While he has advocated for her to go into quite a few eliminations, Cara Maria reciprocated this on Free Agents by working with Jordan to send him into elimination. On Battle of the Bloodlines, Cara got her ultimate revenge by actually eliminating Bananas in The Pit.

Abram (Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Bloodlines)


While Abe has always loved Cara Maria far more than he hated her, Cara Maria describes their relationship as manic. On Battle of the Exes, we saw many personal fights over the development of their relationship, whether it was moving in or breaking up. On Battle of the Bloodlines we saw the relations get tested even further when Cara Maria canoodled with Thomas.

Camila (Battle of the Seasons, Rivals 2)


While there are rumored other reasons for Camila to dislike Cara Maria, it was clear on Battle of the seasons that the two would not get along. They butted heads when they couldn’t decide who would go into each Arena, which ultimately resulted in Camila getting stuck with a self-destructing Big Easy.

Zach (Rivals 2)


Another one who simply finds Cara Maria really annoying, he made sure no one applauded when she arrived as a replacement on Rivals 2.

Emily (Rivals 2)


Emily took offense to comments Cara Maria made on twitter accusing cast members of abusing supplements to perform well on The Challenge. While Cara Maria modified her statement to specify it was not directed at Emily, the damage was done and Emily actively excluded Cara Maria on Rivals 2.

Aneesa (Battle of the Bloodlines)


Cara Maria’s most recent enemy, Aneesa exploded on Cara Maria because she was sick of her negativity and annoying attitude. While they hugged after Cara Maria eliminated Aneesa, it doesn’t appear these feelings have entirely gone away.

While many people have shown distaste toward Cara Maria, there are others who love her. This especially holds true for fans who are rooting for her as she embarks of her fourth final. Will she finally win? Or will she continue her losing streak?



    1. I go back and fourth, but this post was not designed to illustrate why everyone hates her. It was designed to show why it’s so important for her to stand up for herself, like she did when Aneesa came at her.

  1. Well i love Cara Maria and she is a strong compeitor. Thats why so many people come at her . If they didnt she wouldnt be doing anything right.

  2. Wes and paula did actually bully cara maria on rivals. Cara did not rely on laurel on free agents she actually did her own thing and we really got to see her without having a partner and we saw that she truly is a storng compeitor. Jenn is just a bitter you know what. Anessa was just mad she was going to elimination and going to lose like she always does.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with every single comment you made. I think Cara gets an unfair, bad rap… And gets bullied quite often, because she’s actually a decent person, unlike most of the other people on this show.

  3. Hey what can i say when your a boss hater are gonna hate. They dont break you though they just make you stronger

  4. Don’t forget on the Free Agents after show, when Nany and Camila had their argument, Cara Maria and Camila argue too about Camilas behavior

  5. No you’re wrong about the Jenn thing. Jenn was mad because she didn’t want it out there that she was sleeping with Adam. Cara simply made the point that people were getting on Laurel for flirting with C.T meanwhile Jenn was actually sleeping with his partner Adam. Jenn was thinking she was above ever being called out and probably sensitive to looking like a hoe on tv since she did ever since her Real World season. People like Tyler and Paula were just jumping on the bandwagon and bullying Cara.

  6. I’m sorry, but this is in incredibly bad taste. I’m all for freedom of press/speech, but she’s an actual person. With actual feelings. How would you like it if someone made this list about you for a trumped up reason like “you need to learn to defend yourself”? She doesn’t need to learn to do anything, we need to learn to spread compassion, not this ridiculous ‘stopbeingpolite’ business. I think compiling a list of people who don’t like someone is basically cyber bullying.

  7. The only time Paula instigated on Rivals was when Wes poured the soda on CM. The reason she did was because Laurel and CM tried to swing the vote to get Jenn/Mandi to go against them in the Jungle instead of Jazmine/Jonna. At that point Laurel/CM showed they had no loyalty to the mob. I’m also certain she made a youtube video making fun of a bunch of random cast members. Cara is strong and badass when she wants to be, but is always playing victim and takes the game TOO personal. She’s been like that since FM2.

  8. Zach never really hated cara. He told people not to root for anyone who became cookes new partner because they did not know who it was. Zach had a alliance with her on free agents.

  9. Camila and Cara also got at it on Free Agents when Camila had her drunken fight with Nany and Cara told Camila the next morning to grow up and Camila then argued with her.

  10. While Zach may not have started off not liking her they have actually gotten close like on Free Agents they often lifted together and also were allies. I do like Cara Maria a lot and many of my favorites like her as well such as Kenny, CT, Nany (Kinda likes her), Johnny R., Mark, and many others. It seems though that guys like Cara more than girls do because the girls know she’s a feirce competitor guys too.

  11. gIrls are fearful of her because they know she can take them out … I mean im not just saying this just because i like her but cara can take out about 80% percent of the girls on the challenge. And its proven look at her elimination record. The only girls that can take her out are top- tier girls like Emily , Laurel , Sarah and proabably evelyn but i dont think shes coming back and even if she did. shes probably not in the same shape as she used to be.

  12. I think Paula is the worst, can diah it but can not take it, shes a mom now and how would she respond to her kids being basically bullied for being unique, weird, different etc…..She disgusts me, and Johnnie little banana, screwed Sarah over big time, Cara Maria may not help herself out by playing up the strange, but no one deserves what is basiclly full and simple mean bullying, and Car is a tough cookie putting up with it

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