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Cara Maria’s 10 Most Triumphant Victories

Cara Maria’s victory on Battle of the Bloodlines has been a long time coming. It took 6 years and 8 tries, but Cara Maria finally emerged on top. However, there have been a lot of other victories along the way she deserves to celebrate, and this is a look at some of those times:

10. Cara Maria vs. Mandi (Cutthroat)


After a quick elimination from Fresh Meat 2, Cara Maria found herself in the second elimination on Cutthroat. This time, she rose to the occasion and send Mandi packing. While Mandi may not be the fiercest competitor, she’s certainly not the worst and this was her first win of many.

9. Cara Maria & Cooke vs. Anastasia & Jessica (Rivals 2)


Coming into a show as a replacement can be difficult, and it really sucks when you find yourself in the first elimination before you even unpack. However, this was another opportunity for Cara Maria to flex her muscles and show what she was made of.

8. Cara Maria & Laurel vs. Jasmine & Jonna


If there’s anything worse than going into the first elimination, it’s going into the last elimination. However, Cara Maria and Laurel were able to send Jasmine and Jonna packing, allowing them to go to a shocking Rivals final.

7. Pick Numero Uno (Fresh Meat 2)


While her time on Fresh Meat 2 was short, Cara Maria managed to impress veteran Darrell who had the first pick when selecting his teammate. Clearly he saw the potential in Cara Maria that no one else saw.

6. Cara Maria vs. Nia (Free Agents)nia_eliminationAt the beginning of Free Agents, Cara Maria found herself going into every draw, but she never flipped the kill card. Then she drew it, and had to compete against Nia who is bigger and heavier than her. This elimination went on for ages, but Cara Maria inched her way to victory.

5. The First Final (Cutthroat)


Cutthroat marked the first season where Cara Maria would see a final, and she faced a lot of doubt from teammates before she got there. However, she rose to the occasions. While Abram and Sarah had to be carried away, Cara Maria kept going. The gray team came in second, but Cara Maria certainly impressed a lot of people who doubted her.

4. Cara Maria vs. Aneesa (Battle of the Bloodlines) 


At this point, we knew Cara Maria was a beast in elimination, but to be the elimination queen she needed to beat the elimination queen, and that was a title held by Aneesa. While it’s debatable if Aneesa lost the crown, Cara Maria certainly impressed a few people.

3. Winning When it Matters (Rivals 2)


The last challenge on Rivals 2 prior to the final looked like something you’d see in an actual final. While Paula and Emily were clear front runners here, Cara Maria and Cooke got their act together and pulled out a victory. Not only did they establish themselves as a strong team, but they also avoided their fate in the Jungle.

2. Cara Maria & Jamie vs. Bananas & Vince (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.50.47 PM

Bananas has been a long time foe of Cara Maria, but their are very few opportunities for a female to eliminate male. However, that’s the exact scenario we saw on Battle of the Bloodlines, and Cara Maria got the last laugh when she defeated Bananas in a puzzle and sent him packing.

1. Victory At Last (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.39.24 PM

Cara Maria has been through a lot in 8 seasons, but she had never won. Whether it was silly errors that resulted in quick departures, losing in the last minute, or people being flat-out rude to her, Cara Maria never gave up. Hard work eventually paid off, and she finally got her long awaited victory with her cousin Jamie on Battle of the Bloodlines.

Way to go Cara Maria! Glad to see you finally win!




  1. This list I like! I hope she doesn’t come back, she won and thats what she wanted for so long. Even if it is exes iii, pull a emily s and laurel and move on pls 😊

    1. 1. He had first draft pick.
      2. She and Laurel had the best stats for girls. I think she had the faster running time.

  2. BUt seriously You should do a least of people who won and never came back .. People like laurel , Emily Tori , Brad and so on

  3. Finally a post about Cara Maria that isnt filled with hate . For a moment i thought you had a perosnal vindetta against her … lmao just playing

    1. Honestly, I go back and fourth with her. However, she has been the topic of many episodes and my blog typically follows trends on the show. I never try to tear her (or any cast member) down over their personal lives, just like there are no triumphs on this list from her personal life. Whether positive or negative, all of the content I reference is from the show.

      Thanks for reading though 🙂

  4. honestly Anessa isnt even that big of a threat anymore. All she does is lose repeadtively. I doubt she will win one now or in the near future .,………… IF at Alll… which is sad because shes been doing these things for years.

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