Battle of the Bloodlines

Was Brianna Secretly the Star of Battle of the Bloodlines?

Coming into Battle of the Bloodlines, most people had a favorite cast member. Someone like Bananas, Cara Maria, maybe even Cory. However, this season introduced us to 15 new people, most of whom were overshadowed by their bloodline.

To everyone’s surprise, Jenna and Brianna made it to the final. Perhaps the bigger surprise was the fact that Brianna managed to outshine many of the cast members (debatably her cousin).

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.33.47 PM

Let’s think about it. Not everyone in the world would jeopardize their job at the bakery by leaving for 7 weeks to film a TV show with her cousin. Brianna did, and shortly into her trip TJ told her she wasn’t cut out for The Challenge. She hit rock bottom, got into a fight with her cousin, and almost left. Luckily, she didn’t. Let’s take a look at all of the areas where Brianna out-shined everyone else:

Loyalty: Remember when Bananas voted out Nany? Brianna didn’t simply because her cousin was friends with Nany. When times got tough, Brianna ultimately opened up to her cousin, recuperated, and started hauling ass.

Competition: Once the pairs split, Brianna was put on the red team. Immediately she was pegged as a week link, but she outperformed a lot of competitors. For example, she didn’t fall on the Meet Me Halfway challenge but Jamie and Vince did. During the Too Clingy challenge she made it across the rope but Jenna, Mitch, and Bananas couldn’t (ok, maybe Bananas could have). And during the final, she was the one waiting for Jenna during the runs and she was eating faster than Jenna. Clearly she did something right.

Logic: Brianna clearly has a better understand of the world than most people. Remember when Aneesa was calling out Cara Maria’s accent? Brianna saw through the bullshit and knew the let Cara Maria use whatever accent she wanted. Jenna even tried to shame Brianna for dating a man only because he buys her ice cream, I think that’s just good business.

Her Only Downfall: She doesn’t know if she’ll ever do another Challenge. Please reconsider Brianna.


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