Battle of the Bloodlines

Bloodlines: Who Needs to Come Back

This list was bound to happen. Now that Battle of the Bloodlines has come and passed, we’ve been exposed to 15 new people who could come back on future Challenge seasons. This list ranks those newbies in order from people we need on the show the least, to the person we need the most.

Let’s get the show on the road:

15. Raphy– Whether you love or hate Are You the One? they’re here to stay. Having a bloodline from Are You the One? branches even further away for the original Real World/ Road Rules concept. Add in the fact that Raphy is almost exactly the same as his brother in terms of looks and attitude, and he’s not a necessary addition. One Dario is enough.

14. Jill– Jill appears to be an incredibly sweet girl, but sweet doesn’t really stand out on The Challenge. It’s doubtful she’d ever find herself in the middle of drama, though she may be a decent competitor. The bottom line, we already have multiple competitors to fill any role Jill would fill,

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.32.54 PM

13. Anthony– It appear production would have allowed anyone on the show to get Kellyanne back, and her cousin Anthony really isn’t a bad guy. However, he faded into the background and became nothing more than another one of Banana’s puppets, quite literally.

12. Emily– Emily really got screwed over by her sister this season, becoming the first casualty of the season. While a second shot would be a great opportunity for redemption, it would also be an opportunity for us to get to know her as an individual. Also, if you look at Fresh Meat 1 & 2, the first person eliminated has returned to go onto Challenge success.

11. Stephen– Perhaps best remembered for his “noodley arms,” Stephen wasn’t exactly a shining star this season. He faded into the background and didn’t do much for his team. At the very least, we are able to distinguish between him and his twin brother, unlike Dario & Raphy.

10. Rianna– Another bloodline who contributed very little to her team, Rianna will best be remembered for having no real relationship with Aneesa and being the weakest link on the red team.

9. Larissa– It’s clear that Camilla lover her sister dearly, but Larissa truly did get overshadowed by her older sister on this season. It may be nice to have the opportunity to know Larissa as an individual, but it will be hard for her to break free of Camilla’s shadow.


8. Mike– Clearly someone who showed up to compete, his personality was masked by his brother’s antics and Abe’s drama with Cara Maria. However, if he does return he could pose a threat, and he clearly isn’t afraid to go after the big dogs.

7. Nicole– Nicole had a couple of shining moments this season, but she will likely be best remembered for her eyebrows. Should she return to The Challenge she will probably bring some drama and be a mediocre performer.

6. Jamie– It will be hard for Jamie to establish an identity complete separate from Cara Maria, but he did establish himself as a strong competitor and loyal ally this season. The winners of Fresh Meat 1 & 2 never returned, so it will be interesting to see how he can perform separate from his now-champion cousin.

5. Candice– Leroy’s cousin was just as interesting and ratchet as you hoped she’d be. She may not be the strongest competitor, but she always tries. If nothing else, she should be back for the LOLz.

4. Mitch– Mitch is someone who is actually good at puzzles, and is actually a good competitor, so he will contribute to the show in that respect. Perhaps he won’t be found in all of the drama, but when the situation arises he’s confront people. It would be interesting to see how he performs on his own, especially since he was partnered with a newbie this season and did well.



3. Shane– Being sent home due to his brother’s injury, Shane deserves a second shot. He was tied up in some drama, but was more level-headed than Tony. Additionally, he performed pretty well in the time he was there, so he may be an interesting addition to the show.


2. Briana– Whether you viewed Brianna as the luckiest competitor, or the dark horse of the season, she was one of the more memorable bloodlines. Some of her commentary was spot-on and she actually performed well in a bunch of challenges. It would be interesting to see if making it to the end (like Jenna on Exes 2) was a fluke, or if there’s something more to be seen.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.36.06 PM

1. Vince– A part of me is pained to put Vince at #1, but he was certainly interesting this season. Did he stir up drama? Yes. Was he a strong personality on the season? Yes. Was he a beast on the flied? Absolutely not. Still, Vince was a memorable ally of Bananas and will likely continue to be the creepy but interesting on the show.


  1. Shane and Mitch for sure. Mitch reminded me of Vegas Mike circa Rivals. I wouldnt mind bloodlines Mike either. Or Brianna.

  2. My order would be 1. Mike, 2. Mitch, 3. Briana, 4. Jaime, 5. Shane, 6. Nicole, 7. Riana, 8. Emily, 9. Jill, 10. Candice, 11. Vince, 12. Larissa, 13. Ralphy.

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