Real World Go Big Or Go Home

5 Reasons to Watch Real World: Go Big Or Go Home

It’s had to believe that we’re only 2 day away from the premier of The Real World. It has been a year since we saw a new flock of roommates move in, and it’s only natural that we embrace these new kids. However, if you’re not convinced, here are 5 reasons I think you need to tune in:


1. The Cast Is Really Diverse: It’s expected to see some diversity on The Real World, but this season has most walks of life covered. We have someone who’s divorces, someone who’s a mormon, someone who’s really conservative. With all of these people under one roof, it’s bound to be an interesting group.

2. The Drama: Drama is another thing to be expected in The Real World house, but it seems like these people were cast to clash. If you want to see people throw away their morals, and possibly their futures, for a couple of minutes of your entertainment then you should tune in.

3. The Missions: If you like The Challenge, or if you liked Road Rules, you’ll probably like the fact that there are missions built into this reason of The Real World. I mean, the “Go Big Or Go Home” sub title has to come from somewhere!

4. VEGAS BABY: With all of the excitement with the twist and cast, it’s easy to forget that were back in Vegas. Sin City is bound to bring out the worst in people, and maybe the best in some people.

5. People Will Change: More than ever, people are going to grow. This twist will force people to face their fears and open up, so we will some of personal development this season. Everyone has their struggles, but these are the people who are putting their struggle in from of thousands millions of people!


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