Real World Bad Blood

Real World Heading Back to Seattle

Our friends over at Vevmo are confirming that not only is Real World 32 happening, but it will take place in Seattle. This will mark the fourth consecutive season to be filmed in a repeated city.


Last time Real World filmed in Seattle was 1998 for its seventh season. This season was the first season that did not feature seven strangers, as David and Nathan knew each other prior to filming.

No word yet on the twist, if there is one. The cast has not yet moved in, and production is in its very, very early stages.


  1. I’m surprised we are not getting a beach city. This would be the fourth season in a row without one. Miami or Orlando would of been perfect.

      1. Yeah but Seattle is more town based like San fransico or Portland. Key west, San Diego, or cancun are more beach cities.

  2. Tampa, Atlanta (heck some of the castmates could have gotten jobs with Ace who owns bars in the ATL), Dallas, Phoenix.

  3. I’d rather see newer cities, but I like Seattle, so I’m kinda glad they’re going back there. I’d also like to see them go back to Boston and Miami at one point, cause those are big party cities. We haven’t had a good ‘party’ season in a while.

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