Rivals 3

Rivals 3: Top Moments from Episode 4

The train wreck is happening, and we’ve had plenty of time to watch it.

1. Perfect Match?

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.48.16 PM

Nate has a huge crush on Nicole, and she’s feeling it too! People like Wes, Sarah, and (of course) Simone are involved and recommend that Nate ask Nicole on a date. He does, and she agrees. They two are clearly feeling each other and decide to spend time at the Rivals 3 house party together. They spend time together, until the shit hits the fan.

2. The Camilinator Hits Mexico

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.46.50 PM

Despite the lovely party being thrown, game talk is ruining the night. This is hard to believe, as the actual challenges seem to have no place in this season. Nicole tells Nany that Camila advised Christina to only trust herself (Camila) and Kellyanne. Nany feels backstabbed, as Camila was supposed to be her biggest ally. Nany and Camila hash it out, and Camila continuously denies telling Christina this. Camila screams, swears, and cries while Nany screams, swears, and smokes. Nothing is really resolved, but Kellyanne insists this is all one big misunderstanding.

3. Show Showdown

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.55.18 PM

Christina’s alleged alliance with Real Worlders has caused waves in the house. The Are You the One kids erupt, and eventually Tony and Amanda start arguing about which show is better: Real World or Are You the One. Tony believes the AYTO kids were served everything on a silver platter, while Tony had to fend for his own bar tab on Real World, pretending he didn’t steal bottles. Camila gets sick of Amanda barking at her partner, so she involves herself and screams in Amanda’s face about how she has two bachelor’s degrees, mostly because she needed more time to troll spring breaks for career opportunities. Amanda shoves Camila in the face, and the two nearly get physical but production sets in to break the up.

4. Failing In Love

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.03.46 PM

Brandon is missing he girlfriend at home, and a phone call home makes him miss her more. So, he thinks he wants to quit. Briana insists he wait at least a night, but he nearly walks out of the house. He doesn’t, but the next day right before the challenge TJ asks is he wants to quit. He says yes, and TJ gives him a fond fuck-off telling him “,don’t take care, see you never.” One AYTO team down.

5. Turning Things Around

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.13.15 PM

The cast finally gets to an actual challenge. This called is named Out On A Limb, and the goal is for partners to jump on a bar in unison  and the bar then turns until the players have to jump on a platform. There are four jumps total, and the bar gets farther away or the platform is more difficult to land on. In general, cast members suck. Dario and Nicole don’t even get onto the first platform while Cory and Ashley are the only two to even make it past the second platform. They almost complete the mission, but Ashley falls before the last platform and her arm gets tangled in a rope, sustaining a massive rope burn as she falls 30 feet. She survives, and relies on shot of tequila as medicine.

And the mission doesn’t even complete…. To Be Continued.


  1. This is shaping up to be the worst season ever!!! Not showing a challenge plus an elimination is leaving too much time to show the world’s stupid arguments!! Plus it seems like 1/2 the people are just arguing for the sake of camera time.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, this season is making me want to give up on this show. Used to be a little guilty pleasure of mine, now it’s almost painful to get through an episode.

  2. 4 episodes in and we’ve only seen one jungle elimination! At this rate of one jungle per month, the season won’t end until 2017!

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