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Rivals With Better Rivals

Since the first Rivals season, fans have been speculating of a co-ed rivals season. While many fans may be excited to see that theme become a reality, other are disappointed with the pairs who were selected. Here are some of the Rivals 3 contestants who have stronger rivalries with other opposite-sex cast members.

1. Kellyanne and Dunbar


Perhaps a team better suited for exes, even though there’ s apparently no history, Kellyanne has disliked Dunbar for a long time. This hatred manifested itself into a huge confrontation on The Ruins where Kellyanne called out Dunbar for implying they made out… and it happened on Kellyanne’s birthday nonetheless.

2. Bananas and Rachel


There are a few good partners for Mr. Bananas, and while many people would like to see Bananas and Cara Maria, another good option is Rachel. On The Island, Rachel almost got Bananas voted out even though Abe was voluntarily leaving. This scheming resulted in continued hatred on Battle of the Exes where Bananas got the last laugh when he sent Rachel and Aneesa into the Dome, and outwardly admitted it was because she has tried to screw up his game on The Island.

3. Wes and Cara Maria


Plenty of people have been rude to Cara Maria in the past, but perhaps the most malicious and uncalled for attack occurred between Wes and Cara Maria on Rivals. Toward the end of the game, Cara Maria found herself the target of some cruel  insults. Wes upped the ante by pouring a bottle of “cola” on Cara Maria’s head and calling her awkward and boring. While Laurel ripped Wes a new asshole, it certainly ruined his relationship with Cara Maria.

4. Camila and Eric


Camila has rubbed many people the wrong way, but if there’s one person she’d hate to be paired with it would be Big Easy. On Battle of the Seasons, Big Easy couldn’t take the pressure of the game and gave up in the middle of an elimination. This cost Camila her game, and she flipped her shit. Eric didn’t seem to care, but Camila certainly got a new entry on her shit list.

5. Devin and Kiki


I fully expect to see this pair on Battle of the Exes 3, should that season ever happen. However, Devin and Kiki certainly have some bad blood. Despite not being a “perfect match,” these two start off inseparable. Once the game fired Devin to date other people, Kiki got jealous. Devin often insulted her and called her degrading names. Kiki was insulted, but crawled back to Devin every time.

6. Johnny and Nia


Johnny and Nia never got along, and Nia’s favorite hobby on Real World Portland was to discuss Johnny’s penis. At the end of the season, Johnny found himself on the receiving end of Nia’s fists as she brutally attacked him and then-girlfriend Averey. This resulted in Johnny voluntarily leaving the house and Nia earning some enemies.

7. Nany and Frank


Frank has a reputation of getting into a lot of fights, and on Battle of the Seasons (and Twitter) he called out Nany. This wasn’t one of Frank’s typical fights, as he made it very personal by throwing some very personal insults at Nany’s sister. Somehow, Frank always ends up friends with those who he fights, yet Nany has never seemed to have forgiven him.

Is there anyone else on Rivals 3 with a better rival than the one assigned by MTV? Let me know!


  1. I love your articles, but please please please don’t be like MTV and start adding AYTO people to these types of articles.
    I hope you didn’t turn into a AYTO fan because I loved seeing the comments you first made for the “Real World Reject” and “Some Bitch in Overall” during the Bloodlines cast reveal.

  2. I would say Tony & Sylvia/ Violetta, Jessica & Jordan, Sarah & Ryan, and Thomas & Jenny are other pairs

    1. The producers did try to get Bruno to be paired up with one of them but Guessing Bruno was like screw that.

  3. Dustin and Cooke, Laurel and Abraham, Jason and Nicole, Bruno and Violetta… or same sex rivals and i’ll pay for a Wes and Bananas team, they win it all tbh

  4. pretty sure they wanted to do wes and caramaria because caramaria stated she turned down this season

  5. Totally agree about Nany and Frank. They both seem to become friends with all of their former enemies except one another. Plus Frank screwed over Nany and Jonna on Rivals 2. That would probably be the best pair of this season, but it’s too bad Frank seems to be done.

    Johnny and Nia would have been great too, but I actually think Jess is a good stand in. I feel like the way Johnny and Jess hate each other is really organic–it didn’t come from one screwing the other over on a challenge or anything, just genuine distaste for each other’s personality. In general, I think the Real World rivalries are probably stronger and more enduring than Challenge ones, because the format of the Challenge lends itself to people becoming angry with one another (for sending them into eliminations or whatever). On the Real World, there’s nothing pitting people against each other.

  6. -Jay and Jamie from their Ex-Plosion beef

    -Zach and Sam (Seasons)

    -Swift and LaToya (how did this not happen??)

    -Marie and Trey (argued in RW house a lot and disagreed on game strategy on Seasons)

    -CJ and Ayiiia (Cancun fight)

    -Ty and Ashley L (huge conflict after the season, she may be a Challenge-never)

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