The Challenge

Camila Retiring From the Challenge?

Last week’s episode of The Challenge sent a shockwave through the house when Camila and Tony were eliminated from the show. Perhaps all of the drama and fights on the show are finally starting to wear on Camila, who was just sent home after her eighth season.

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Camila wrote a lengthy post on Instagram announcing her retirement:

Thank you all for your amazing support this season. It was def not an easy one. Full of ups and downs. I am not perfect, and I never will be. Being on the challenges have been such an experience, there’s been some good and some bad, but one thing I know for sure is that I am closing the doors to this chapter of my life and I am done reliving the past. All I can hope now is that I learn from all of my mistakes and that I have helped you guys who have followed me and watched me to learn from my mistakes as well and also hope I was able to bring you some joy. I have been through a lot in my life which has impacted my life in so many more ways than I realized. I am glad that through watching myself all of these years, I am now able to really truly understand my purpose in this world and I want to live for a bigger cause than myself. I am human and I’ve acted a fool at times, but I’m also a good person and I have so much love and passion inside of me so I want to challenge myself from this day forward, to channel all of this energy into greater causes and to a much bigger purpose. For all those of you who have been following me the through the years, thank you! I appreciate you! And those of you that don’t like me or don’t agree with my actions… Hey! We’re all entitled to our own opinions! Love you guys so much! #thechallengerivals3

While people claim to retire from the show all the time, Camila seems pretty confident that she has other things to do in life and The Challenge may not be the best place for her. This season seems to be particularly demanding on her, and she just finished reliving it as they aired.

If Camila is truly retired, it will be a great loss for the show. She is one of the most popular cast members currently, one of the most dramatic, and one the last reminder of the Spring Break Challenge. While there are plenty of people dying to fill her role on the show, Camila has truly been one of a kind, and has surprised us season after season.

We’ll see if she is truly done with the show, but I wish her the best of luck on her future endeavors.


  1. TBH I never liked. I thought it was a joke when they casted her for CutThroat because she was on the Spring Break Challenge. She only got casted because of her dramatic meltdown and it carried over to The Challenge and while one meltdown was fun to watch, the others got tiring and borning.

  2. I’m admit I’m sad she leaving though can’t blame her completely she took a beating (mostly verbally) in the challenge and I know she knows a business in Miami and probably some other ventures. Still like for her to at least do one more challenge, maybe redeem kicked out of her last challenge.

  3. It’s been confirmed that her Instagram post was about moving on from this season, not The Challenge in general. She said she’s not retiring on The Challenge’s Facebook live stream.

  4. I think she’ll at least won’t do the next challenge. She has stuff to do and she going to the Olympics.

  5. I called her retirement even before her announcement. You could see it on her face in all the episodes and on the after shows. She seems to have aged out and is out of place. Plus I feel like she’s accepted that she’s not going to win another one.

  6. I’m glad she’s retiring. To me she is too overrated. Her win was because of ct gassing out. She just hasent performed that well since battle of the exes. Her meltdowns are overdone and never made much sense.

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