Rivals 3

Did Dario & Nicole Make a Bad Move?

Last week, it seemed like Dario was on board to get rid of Bananas and Vince. This week, he shook hands with the devil and somehow Bananas and Vince avoided The Jungle. Many fans are upset by the move, but was it really a bad move for Dario & Nicole’s game?

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Let’s start off with the deal from last week: Wes, Dario, Nate, and Devin’s team all seemed on board. If you want to win the game, sending in Bananas and Vince into The Jungle is a smart move. Bananas has proven himself to be a winner in the finals so for any other team to win, Bananas has to lose. Sending him home in an elimination is a way to guarantee he won’t beat you in the final. Vince is really just an accessory to Banana’s game, but other teams seem to fear him in a final.

Now, let’s look at this from Dario’s perspective: If Bananas and Vince keeping him safe, he has a much better chance of competing in the final. While beating Bananas and Vince is going to be more difficult than Devin or Nate, getting to the final with Bananas and Vince does guarantee Dario some money. Additionally, Dario & Nicole are targeting Cory, who appears to be the third person in Banana’s alliance. Cory seems to be working all sides of the house, so eliminating him would remove a wild card and create a spot in the final for Dario & Nicole. Due to the skull twist, there’s no guarantee Cory will go into The Jungle, but this is an attempt to pave an easier path for Dario to get to the final.

However, all of us have been ignoring the obvious: Nate & Christina are the “lay-up” of this season. Most people are betting they’ll lose in The Jungle and Dario seems to be preparing for this scenario. By throwing Cory into The Jungle, he has exposed Cory’s multiple allegiances in the house. Regardless of the outcome of the Jungle, this exposes Cory’s lies. Perhaps Dario is stabbing Wes, Nate, and Devin in the back, but he is picking a side and this could be a big benefit for the game.

A lot of viewers love to root for the underdogs, and in this case the top dogs will stay on top. However, I don’t think Dario made a dumb choice. What do you think?


  1. I believe the “well, Nate/Christina will lose anyway” strategy is flawed and therefor made it a bad move to not attempt to eliminate a strong team. The eliminations recently have been much more luck and puzzle-based than physical, so I do not think you can just assume any team will certainly win or lose an elim. Look at the last one. Does any team really have an advantage over another in blindfolded soccer with a bunch of screaming where you can’t hear anything? Considering these are no longer “pole wrestle” or “hall brawl” but rather a lot of puzzles, I think it is a bad strategy to not send in a very strong team that seems to have a clear path at the final (and with a track record of winning the final) due to a fear of them winning an elimination.

    1. I agree. Stupid decision on their part. They have NO chance of winning now. At least with Bananas or Vince gone, they would have stood a chance.

  2. I don’t like the Move but at the end I the day backpack and Vince are running the show now and you either get on board or you get out

  3. I think he should have either voted in Wes/Nany and Devin/Cheyenne or Johnny/Sarah and Vince/Sarah. Go one extreme or the another.

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