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20 Rookies People Actually Want to See

Every few seasons, we get a new crock of kids trying to make a name for themselves on The Challenge. While many people will flop and fade into obscurity, there are a lot of rookies who the fans request over and over again. Now more than ever, we have plenty of people who the fans want to see and plenty of people who no one requests yet production casts anyway. Here are 20 rookies who the fans want to see on The Challenge.

To be 100% clear, a rookie is someone who has done 0 or 1 prior challenges. I am also omitting Go Big or Go Home because no one watched it production has not yet had the chance to cast any of them yet.


1. Sylvia (Real World Skeletons): Sylvia was loud yet endearing on the Real World. Perhaps she won’t be the strongest competitor, but there’s no doubt that she’d stand up for herself when the situation called for it.

2. Bruno (Real World Skeletons): Bruno is pretty athletic, but the real reason for him to be on the Challenge is due to his random outburst and his willingness to explode on anyone. He doesn’t seem like the type to take shit from anyone.

3. Nicole (Real World Skeletons): There’s no doubt that she’d be an asset for any teams she’s a member of on The Challenge. She thrives on beating the competition, especially the boys. There’s no doubt she’d be a strong competitor.

4. Madison (Real World Skeletons): Is she the strongest? Probably not, but Madison won the hearts of most viewers on Real World Skeletons, and they want to see her on the show. Especially to deal with Tony’s antics.


5. Mitch (Battle of the Bloodlines): Cory’s cousin, and surprising puzzle master, Mitch showed a lot of promise on his debut season. Fans want to see if he’s strong by himself, or just a part of Cory’s success.

6. Jenny (Real World Ex-Plosion): Humorously blunt yet oddly relatable, Jenny was an immediate fan favorite on Real World Ex-Plosion. Fans of the show are scratching their heads as to why she hasn’t been on the show yet.

7. Brian (Real World Ex-Plosion): Much like Jenny, fans loved Brian for his quirky let relatable personality. It’s hard to say whether he’ll continue being so peculiar on a Challenge, but he certainly does seem like the type to perform well.

8. Ashley M. (Real World Ex-Plosion): People had mixed reactions to Ashley during The Real World, but now that we’ve seen her on Rivals 3, there’s no doubt that she is great for The Challenge and has a great personality for the show.

9. Devin (Are You the One? Season 3): General consensus: AYTO shouldn’t be on The Challenge. However, Devin seems to be the exception. People like the fact that he’s plotting against Bananas and doesn’t play a scared game, despite the fact that he’s not the strongest competitor.

10. Marlon (Real World Portland): After making it to the final on Rivals 2, fans have been eager to see him on the show again. Perhaps he’s just did so well because of his partner Jordan, but his athletic upbringing seems to imply he’s a strong competitor by himself.

11. Marie (Real World St. Thomas): Loud, humorous, and not afraid of confrontation. Marie showed a lot of promise on Battle of the Seasons. Production has been asking her to return, but her schedule never seems to work. However, fans have not given up hope of seeing her return.

12. LaToya (Real World St. Thomas): Being a strong presence on Free Agents, LaToya proved that she has a strong fan base. However, this has yet to translate into a second Challenge appearance despite the fact that people want to see her.

900full-are-you-the-one?-photo13. Shanley (Are You the One?): Whenever people talk about AYTO being on The Challenge, someone wonders why Shanley has yet to be cast. Viewers of AYTO loved her on the first season due to her falling hard for Chris T. and standing up for herself against Simone. If anyone from AYT O should be on the show, she’s a strong contender.

14. Cooke (Real World Las Vegas): After a strong showing on Rivals 2, Cooke impressed a lot of viewers. She fought against the majority and made it all the way to the final. Despite all the love for her, she has yet to return, likely due to her soccer career.

grant_e_adam_mtv_b1_5761115. Adam (Real World Las Vegas): Despite being an utter mess on Real World Las Vegas, and getting kicked off of Rivals on the first episode, people love Adam. Rumor has it he’ll never return to the show, but that doesn’t stop the requests to see him again.

16. Ryan L. (Real World New Orleans): Another complete disaster, but people want to see this shitshow on a Challenge. Sure, he won’t do well, but putting him on the show is guaranteed drama.

17. Ashley (Real World DC): It’s easy to forget that The Real World ever went to DC, but when people remember they often want to see Ashley make a return. She is the only one who seems like she’d be able to stand up for herself while performing decently well.

18. Scott (Real World Brooklyn): Clearly built for the show, Scott has yet to appear on the show since his Real World days. His physique keeps getting better, but his social media success has prevented him from actually going onto the show.

19. Brianna (Real World Hollywood): When to comes to The Challenge, Hollywood seems to be another forgotten Real World season. While her appearance on The Ruins was short lived, fans are upset that her Challenge potential seems to have been wasted.

Svetlana-the-real-world-96593_725_365 20.Svetlana (Real World Key West): Despite the fact that she has not been on a show in over a decade, fans and production have not given up hope of seeing her again. Her success on The Duel has made her a memorable character, and people want to remember that Key West gave us something over than Johnny and Paula.


    1. He said he’s not including “Go Big or Go Home because production has not yet had the chance to cast any of them yet.”

  1. Most, including myself, definitely do NOT want to see Mitch ever again. You forgot my fave from St. Thomas, Robb! He’s STACKED now and says he’s ready for another.

    1. Does nobody read the title? He clearly states that “To be 100% clear, a rookie is someone who has done 0 or 1 prior challenges” Robb has done 2 challenges, Battle of the Seasons and Rivals II.

  2. Robb has done 2 challenges already. What about mike from bloodlines. Out of all the bloodlines he was my favorite. He had a great attitude and he was ready to compete the entire time. I honestly would of liked to see mike from Las Vegas 2 again. He would of been a great choice for exes 1 over Dunbar.

  3. Can you do an updated 2018 rookies that people want to see. I feel like production looked at this before casting for Invasion because we got Sylvia, Bruno, Nicole, Ashley M, LaToya and Marie

  4. Yesss, you should definitely do a new one include rookies like Tya (Bad Blood), Jenn (Bad Blood), CeeJai (GBOGH), Dylan (GBOGH), Robbie (Bad Blood), Nurys (AYTO 6), Madison (Skeletons), Jason (Skeltons) ect..

  5. Katrina Stack
    Tyranny Todd
    Tyara Hooks
    Ceejai Jenkins
    Jenna Thomason
    Madison Channing Walls
    Violetta Milerman
    Nurys Mateo
    Diandra Delgado
    Alexis Eddy
    Robbie Padovano
    Theo Bradley
    Dylan Moore
    Dean Bart Plange
    Jason Hill
    Bruno Bettencourt
    Brian Williams
    Keith Klebacher
    Malcom Drummer
    Hayden Weaver

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