Challenge: Invasion

Challenge 29: Wild Cast Speculation

AS OF OCTOBER 4th, 2016 THIS POST IS OUT OF DATE. Please view the official cast list here.

Alright guys! I’ve debated posting this for a while, as there are always plenty of cast rumors that emerge prior to departure for a Challenge season. Right now, availability calls for the 29th Challenge season have gone one.

Very little is known about this season right now. It is believed that the season will begin filming in October. Beyond that, nothing is known. While there is reason to believe all of the people below have been contacted for the season, this does not mean they will appear. Production attempts to determine who is available for the tentative filming dates. These people may decline their invitation, or they may accept and not make the final cut.

This list is supported by some of the information found here.



Amanda Garcia (Are You the One? 3)

Ashley Kelsey (Real World San Diego)

Ashley Mitchell (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Averey Tresseler (Real World Portland)

Brittany Baldi (Are You the One?)

Brianna Julig (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)

Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2)

Cheyenne Floyd (Are You the One? 3)

Devyn Simone (Real World Brooklyn)

Emily Schromm (Real World DC)

Jamie Larson (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Jemmye Carroll (Real World New Orleans)

Jenna Campano (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Jenna Thomason (Real World Go Big or Go Home)

Kailah Casillas (Real World Go Big or Go Home)

Kellyanne Judd (Real World Sydney)

Kiki Cooper (Are You the One? 3)

LaToya Jackson (Real World St. Thomas)

Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2)

Madison Channing Walls (Real World Skeletons)

Marie Roda (Real World St. Thomas)

Nicole Ramos (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Nicole Zanatta (Real World Skeletons)

Rashida Zakiya (Are You the One? 3)

Sabrina Kennedy (Real World Go Big or Go Home)

Sarah Rice (Real World Brooklyn)

Simone Kelley (Are You the One?)

Sylvia Elsrode (Real World Skeletons)

Theresa Gonzalez (Fresh Meat 2)


Abram Boise (Road Rules South Pacific)

Adam Kuhn (Are You the One?)

Brandon Swift (Real World St. Thomas)

Bruno Bettencourt (Real World Skeletons)

Cohutta Grindstaff (Real World Sydney)

Cory Wharton (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Dario Medrando (Are You the One? 2)

Devin Walker (Are You the One? 3)

Dione Mariani (Real World Go Big or Go Home)

Dustin Zito (Real World Las Vegas)

Dylan Moore (Real World Go Big or Go Home)

Jamie Banks (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Jay Gotti (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (Real World Key West)

Johnny Reilly (Real World Portland)

Jordan Wiseley (Real World Portland)

Leroy Garrett (Real World Las Vegas)

Nate Siebenmark (Are You the One? 2)

Scott Herman (Real World Brooklyn)

Raphy Medrano (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Robb Schreiber (Real World St. Thomas)

Shane Raines (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Thomas Buell (Real World Ex-Plosion)

Trey Weatherholtz (Real World St. Thomas)

Tony Raines (Real World Skeletons)

Vince Gliatta (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Wes Bergmann (Real World Austin)

Zach Nichols (Real World San Diego)

Unlikely to appear:

Aneesa Ferreira (School… allegedly.)

Jessica McCain (5th attempt at enrolling in culinary school)

Jonna Mannion (Preggo)

Nany Gonzalez (School?)

This list will be updated as time progresses.


  1. I watched one of Susie’s and Sarah’s podcasts and they said Derek from rr viewers revenge got a call

  2. I believe this list totally. I think its enviable Bananas whens this season (rivals 3) and I think they will give him a break for the upcoming season just like they did in “battle of the seasons” just so they can get some new winners or even more wins for guys like CT, Abe, Zach, and maybe FINALLY Leroy. I love Bananas but I would love to see this cast listed above. Free agents 2?

  3. I love how the list is you are the one free, hopefully it stays like that because nobody wants those noobs.

  4. nany said she is taking the next challenge off for school but knowing her she will probably be on. I would say no jasmine or Theresa because they just had kids so I doubt they would be in a rush to do a challenge.

  5. I’ve dreamt of Derrick coming back for a while. I wish they’d do old school vets CT, Derrick, Veronica, Coral etc VS new school vets Bananas, Many etc

    1. Your not going to get those old school vets you listed above, also CT is not an old school vet like those you listed above, he’s is the same category as Bananas, Wes, etc.

      1. Word, CT is defintely one of the older schoolers appearing in the first Inferno. Definetly was there during the Golden Era.

    1. She sure does. I mean, she didn’t bring ANY drama. Her IQ was at least in the triple digits, unlike most of the cast. And she didn’t douche it up on a hoverboard! Who wants somebody like her on a Challenge?!?

      Seriously, though, I can’t see her getting cast. She was too normal for BMP.

  6. Lots of names we haven’t seen before. Of course we still have a lot of time and a lot can happen between now and then. Most excited about Marie return and the GBOGH rookies.

  7. I know things like “retirement” and “quitting” from these are just words (see: Sarah this season), but there are a handful on the list who would seem to be pretty safe to rule out …
    – Jordan (claims to be retired)
    – Camila (claims to be retired)
    – Theresa (new mother)
    – Nany (just announced she is going back to school)

  8. I don’t get the AYTO hate. There would be not future for The Challenge if they didn’t cast these new kids. There are some guys and gals from season 4 I think would be great the The Challenge. I think we’ve just had more Zeros than Heroes from the AYTO alum so far on The Challenge.

    1. I agree. Gotta keep new blood in if its going to continue. And Asaf from this current AYTO season will be challenge Gold!

    2. I’m kind of blah about it. I remember being pissed that people like Kenny and Diem were on The Duel because I didn’t want Fresh Meat on the show. Now I’m used to production muddying the waters and bringing in whomever they want. My only qualm with AYTO is the fact that they were introduced so close to Bloodlines. We really didn’t need both sources of new blood at the same time.

    3. On Exes 2 and Bloodlines they easily could’ve find two other pairs to compete, not sure how Rivals 3 would turn out though. And I rather have no Challenges instead of producing crappy seasons each year. The Challenge is becoming the WWE, boring and stale and before you know I’ll stop watching it like how did with wrestling.

  9. With what we have so for it could be exes 3 with teams of 4. The first is a exe of the second, second to third, etc. (Abe, cara, Thomas, Jaime), (Johnny d, Camilla, Devin, Kiki), (Zach, Jenna, jay, jeymme), (Dylan, Jenna, Dione, kailah- did not watch much of their season so this is a guess), (Jaime, Ashley m, Cory, Cheyenne), (Johnny r, averey, adam k, Brittany), (Jason- only one not on the list, Sylvia, Bruno, Ashley k), (ayto 4 team).

  10. I met Aneesa last month…She mentioned that she is enrolled in school and might not be back doing another challenge for a long time

  11. Dream Challenge: Cutthroat II

    Red Team
    Brandon S

    Blue Team
    Cara Maria
    Jenna C
    Nicole R

    Gray Team
    Nicole R

    1. Dream Challenge: Free Agents 2

      01 Mike real world New York
      02 Coral real world New York
      03 Adam road rules Quest
      04 Veronica road rules Semester at sea
      05 Steve road rules Quest
      06 Ellen road rules Quest
      07 Dan road rules Northern Trail
      08 Anne road rules Northern Trail
      09 Timmy road rules North America
      10 Susie road rules Australia
      11 Landon real world Philadelphia
      12 Piggy road rules Australia
      13 MJ real world Philadelphia
      14 Cara road rules South Pacific
      15 Jeremy road rules South Pacific
      16 Holly road rules Latin America
      17 Dave road rules South Pacific
      18 Melinda real world Austin
      19 Alton real world Las Vegas
      20 Alexandra real world San Diego
      21 Isaac real world Sydney
      22 Jenna real world Explosions
      23 Cory Wharton real world Explosion
      24 Latoya real world St. Thomas
      25 Bruno real world Skeletons
      26 Nicole real world Skeletons
      27 Darrell road rules Campus Crawl
      28 Cameran real world San Diego

  12. Would love a cutthroat 2 or team challenge of any kind. Also another duel would be good. Just no more pairs for now.

  13. Robin confirmed on Twitter last night that she received a call but didn’t make the final cut, so it sounds like they are def reaching out to vets

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