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10 Reason Ashley Is the Best Rookie We’ve Seen In Ages

With all of the Are You the One? kids popping up on The Challenge, and MTV denying the existence of Real World Skeletons, we were left with one newbie this season who actually appeared on The Real World. Luckily, this newbie was everything we hoped she could be and created more hype for herself than ever expected.

That’s right. Ashley has proven to be one of the best rookies the show has ever had… and here’s why:

  1. She Actually Stuck Around This Time– Anytime anyone leave a show, I question whether or not they’re going to come back and pull the same tricks. Luckily Ashley was invested this time.
  2. Smashley Was Everything We Wanted– On The Real World, Smashley’s family-buying, grease-flinging antics were cringe worthy. On The Challenge, everyone was team Smashley. We knew she was in the wrong (most likely), but we still LOLed when she kicked Nicole out of that bathroom.
  3. Her One-Liners– Even when she wasn’t the center of the show, she managed to grab out attention. Like when TJ came to evict Tony & Camila, and she asked him is he was here to drink with the cast.
  4. She’s Perfect Balance of Reality TV Promiscuous– While she clearly had a thing with Jamie, and she didn’t steamroll the whole cast, she did have a second thing with Tony. There are some people who will sleep wth anyone, some people who look for relationships, and then people who fall somewhere in between. Ashley falls in-between, and that’s reality TV gold.
  5. She Didn’t Cling Onto Her Cast for Support– With the obvious except of Cory. However, she didn’t rely on Thomas or Jenna just because they were on The Real World together. In fact, she didn’t seem to care that they were there. CH28_Cory_Ashley_INTV_v1_Copy_01_1.mp4.00_00_56_21.Still003_Edited-2
  6. She Controlled Her Team– Remember the time she manipulated Cory into sending Thomas & Simone into The Jungle because she didn’t like Thomas?
  7. She Schooled Her Rivals– When Simone tried to ruin her relationship with Jamie, she tried to ruin her reputation by insulting her chapped butthole. OK, maybe Ashley never had real points, but she was fun to watch.
  8. She Was a Fearless Competitor– Jumping out of a plane? No problem. In fact, she probably didn’t even want to use a parachute. When other player brought up their fears, Ashley rose to the occasion.
  9. She Took Go Injured Like a Champ– She got a 20 foot rope burn and all she wanted was a shot of tequila. Who else?
  10. She Came Here to Compete– Maybe she wasn’t the strongest girl in the house, but she certainly wasn’t weak. Her and Cory posed a threat in the house, and she clearly took the game seriously when she had to. If nothing else, being a willing competitor makes her worthwhile on The Challenge.

Are you Team Ashley? Or do you think I’ve overhyping her?



  1. Ashley is amazing in and out.. She is ambitious ..competitive.. And believes there is no room for doubt.. She gives what she gets and deserves every bit of success.. Love u by..


  2. Ashley wasn’t on Real World Explosion at the same time as Jenna. Beyond the reunion and publicity, they presumably didnt know one another

  3. I think if Corey wouldn’t have made do many alliances they could have won. She gad a serious injury and was as tough as any girl there. She better be back.

  4. Been waiting for Ashley since January 2014 and the wait was worth it! I would love to see more RW rookie females next season (Jenna T., CeeJai, Kailah, Jenny, Slyvia, Violetta & Madison)

    1. I doubt Ceejai would be seen in the upcoming challenge, she starts class in the fall. I doubt Jenny because she has a kid unless Brian can handle things.

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