Rivals 3

Can Anyone Defeat Bananas & Sarah?

Of the last 4 challenges, we’ve seen one team win three times. That team is Bananas & Sarah, and with the final rapidly approaching we’ve their biggest competition leave the game. Now that there’s only four teams left, it seems there is less competition than ever for Bananas & Sarah.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 5.43.29 PM

At the beginning of the season, I would have anticipated Leroy & Averey, Cory & Ashley, Tony & Camila, and Wes & Nany as the biggest threats against Bananas & Sarah. However, Leroy & Averey and Tony & Camila were kicked off the show early. Then Cory & Ashley and Wes & Nany lost to AYTO teams. So now we’re left with three teams to compete against Bananas & Sarah who haven’t had stellar performances thus far.

Vince & Jenna: Banana’s cousin showed promise during the beginning of the season with his partner Jenna. They won the first challenge, but since then they’ve floated in the middle of the pact. As the final approaches, it’s clear that Vince has relied on Bananas to take him to the end. To be honest, it would be a shock to see Vince & Jenna defeat Bananas & Sarah in the final. Vince has blown every opportunity to outshine Bananas, and at this point I don’t think he could do it if he wanted to.

Dario & Nicole: While this team has shown some improvement this season, they’re still unlikely to defeat Bananas & Sarah. Dario even admits he’s playing for third if he’s running with Vince and Bananas in the final. While Nicole has consistently performed to the best of her ability, she’s not a huge threat to Sarah. If these two outperformed Vince & Jenna it would be a shock, let alone Bananas & Sarah.

Devin & Cheyenne: Of all the teams in the final 4, this team has never won. They even lost in The Jungle but managed to sneak their way back onto the show. Devin has spend the second half of the season trying to make a move against Bananas, but has never been able to get the power to make that move. When these two perform at their best in a daily challenge, it’s not enough to win. Their best is unlikely to win a final.

At this point, I don’t think any of these teams have what it takes to defeat Bananas & Sarah. Perhaps every opportunity to get rid of them was wasted, and now they’re left with the near-impossible task of defeating them in a final.


  1. When will the people that come onto these challenges learn how to play the game? Bananas is no genius, but he knows how to play people and the game. He is an idiot at times and pushes people’s buttons, but look at his record. He is a winner, and with Sara, a strong female, he is destined to win this one as well.

    Wake up challenge competitors, or else ratings are going to keep dropping and this show will be a dinosaur, just like the videoed that MTV used to play.

  2. Cory and Ashley would have been a great threat (maybe even greater than Wes/Nany, I saw in Jungle matchup Wes was slow going against Dario) if they made it past Nate/Christina.

  3. I would like to see Vince without Bananas to give him a free ride. Bananas and Sarah have something these other teams don’t seem to, a complete team. Sarah is the puzzle queen on these things and Bananas isn’t too bad himself (compared to the rest of the people). I think the only problem they’ll have in a final (assuming they get in) would be long distance. That seems to be Sarah’s main weakness, but I think Bananas is one of the better partners to help motivate someone.

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