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10 Challengers Who Have the Best Luck With Partners

It seems like every season we have someone like Briana who gets sent home because her partner decides to leave. Or there are people like Johnny R. who could perform well, but their partners seem to perform terribly. On the other hand, there are people who come on the show season after season and get great luck with partners. This list is for people people who never seen to get screwed by the formatting and have partners who can help them skate straight to the end.

10. Camila


Camila, someone who debatably shouldn’t even be on the show, always seems to luck out when it comes to partners. Her female partners (Theresa, Jemmye, and Larissa) have all been average or above-average competitors. Of course, her real claim to fame would be getting paired with Bananas on Exes 1 and winning the whole season. Maybe Rivals 3 is the beginning of the end of her luck. While Tony was a solid competitor, their clashing personalities cost them the game.

9. Ty

Ty started off getting paired with Brandon on Rivals, a solid competitor but they didn’t last too long. Then he got paired with Emily on Exes, who basically carried him to the end. His biggest stoke of luck came when he was paired with Leroy on Rivals 2… because there was no rivalry between the two of them.

8. Kenny


Kenny started his Challenge career paired with Tina. On paper, she may not have been the best competitor but the team made their partnership work and finished in second on Fresh Meat. He was then paired with Challenge-beast Laurel on Fresh Meat 2 and his real rival, but solid competitor, Wes on Rivals. While Kenny has had solid luck in the partner department, he has also finished in second every time he was on a partner Challenge.

7. CT

CT usually gets a decent parter, but he also has serious history with his partners. While Adam may not have been the best competitor, the duo did well on Rivals. He was then paired with Diem on Exes and almost won the entire show. However, it was his pairing with Wes that resulted in CT’s first win on Rivals 2.

6. Paula


Paula doesn’t know how to pick partners, but she sure knows how to pick rivals. Her first partner, Jeff, on Fresh Meat 2 got the boot early with her even though he looked solid on paper. However, her Rivals partners were Emily and Evelyn. Both superior competitors and both earned the gold with her.

5. Nany


Nany has had some serious luck in the partner field. Her first partner, Jonna, was solid but not the best. However, she got paired with Challenge legends Bananas and Wes on later seasons. She also got to bring her partner Nicole on Bloodlines who wasn’t awful but allows her to have a prepackaged ally on future season (…maybe).

4. Wes


Ignoring Bloodlines, Wes has done every parter Challenge. He has had serious luck, except when he had to pick the partner. On his first Challenge he picked Casey as his teammate which was an awful choice (he could have had Diem) and on Fresh Meat 2 he picked Mandy, a better competitor but not the best. However, he was paired with people like CT, Kenny, Nany, and Theresa on later seasons who more than carried their own weight.

3. Leroy


Leroy has had some good partner and some bad ones, but his real luck has come in the form of replacements. While people like Sarah or Briana get kicked off due to their partner leaving, Leroy received replacements. When Adam got kicked off the show, Mike showed up to work with Leroy. When Nia got kicked off, Theresa took her spot. No other Challenger has received such luck.

2. Bananas

Bananas may be the most successful Challenger ever, but his partners have certainly been assets to his success. People like Tyler, Camila, and Sarah won the show with him. He had a second place finish with “rival” Frank. He had Nany by his side on Exes 2, and they returned to the game via Battle of the Ex-iled. He also had his football-star cousin on his side during Bloodlines. Bananas has never been screwed by the partner format, and has always has someone who wants to win by whichever means necessary.

1. Cara Maria


Cara Maria is a tough competitor, but her string of partners have been awfully lucky. Even though she lost the first elimination on Fresh Meat 2, Darrell is a phenomenal partner to have. She then worked with Laurel on Rivals and Abram on Exes. On Rivals 2 she showed up as a replacement and got to work with Cooke, who ended up being an amazing competitor. Of course, she recently won Bloodlines alongside her prison-guard cousin Jamie who was committed to getting her the W.

Who else has had crazy-good partner luck?


  1. Camila should have been in the 10 challengers who have the worst luck with partners like her luck run out since Seasons

    1. Totally. Wes carried Kenny on Rivals, CT got his only win ever with Wes, and he got Teresa and Nany to actually like him as partners a lot. Most people end up having positive experiences with him as a teammate.

  2. Camila’s sister is athletically probably the least intimidating women in history of the show.

    If Vegas took challenge bets I don’t think she would be a betting favorite in a physical challenge against anyone not even Casey, Nicole(Nany’s cousin) or Naomi

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