The Challenge

Are the Too Many Challenge Potentials?

Real World, Bloodlines, Fresh Meat, Are You the One, Road Rules… we have a lot of people “eligible” to do The Challenge. Now more than ever, it seems like the pool of candidates is expanding, yet somehow we see a lot of the same faces. Has production spread the net too far, or does this just all use to get the cream of the crop?


Before Battle of the Exes 2, the number of Challenge candidates was dwindling. People like Bananas, CT, and Paula were making their tenth appearance on the show, and the most recent Real World season (Portland) was saturating Challenges with newbies. So, Are You the One was brought onto the show and a whole new can of Challengers were included.

Then, we had Bloodlines. Now, in addition to Are You the One? we have Bloodlines on the cast. While there was a point where we didn’t have a whole lot of fresh faces, production may have over compensated by giving us way too many Challenge contenders.

Here is where the problems begin to arise: Real World Skeletons has been highly ignored on Challenges, even though they were willing to compete. People are hoping to return to The Challenge, but they are passed over and we get people like Vince or Simone instead. People who have invested time into a Challenge are losing the opportunities to compete.

In addition to ignoring new and returning contenders, it seems production i picking the wrong people from their new pools of people to come onto the show. When AYTO was put onto the show, no one asked for John Jacobs to compete on the show. Bloodlines with potential, like Mitch for example, are unlikely to return because they don’t have strong storylines, they’re just good at competitions.

Ultimately, we are moving in a direction where people are cast on the show to fit a theme. Their show of origination does not matter, it only matters if they can fit into a theme. Now, people who don’t fit into these themes are likely to not get the opportunity to compete and their storylines will not develop.


  1. It’s a mixed bag really, one hand having plenty of choices is a good thing but ignore Skeletons and other alum that wants to return is bad.

  2. The problem is they don’t pick the people we want. They missed the potential of Hollywood, dc, New Orleans, and skeletons. There were fantastic choices from these seasons and they skipped them for regulars. The other problem is they pick half the cast to be on bananas side and the rest are weak ayto and a bunch of rookies who don’t know how to play the game. In my opinion they should do a battle of the sexes type challenge for season 29. Have 36 challengers who never won a challenge compete and have 3 guys and 3 girls win with the finale be whose side gets the bigger paycheck. Then season 30 be battle of the champions. For the biggest paycheck in challenge history and end the franchise.

  3. I’m really tired of the “theme” challenges. Just have a challenge without the unnecessary theme. I also would love to see people get voted into a jungle, pit or whatever anonymously. That way the cast wouldn’t have to go along with what everyone else wants. They did that once in one of the challenges. They also need to stop casting the shows to fit around Bananas. I think pretty much everyone is sick of seeing him. They need to get some new faces on the show from the cast of Real World, Road Rules and Fresh Meat and get rid of the AYTO cast members. I would think most of the die hard fans of The Challenge are familiar with the casts from Real World, RR and Fresh Meat and would like to see those cast members on a challenge.

  4. Fit the theme of the show? No one besides a few fitted the theme for rivals 3. They’re were only 3 legit rivalries in rivals 3.

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