Real World Bad Blood

Real World Bad Blood: Top Moments From Episode 5

1. Same Story, Different Day


The episode starts off with Theo and Kassius arguing about the incident that happened in college. Of course, they don’t agree. Kassius insists they’re blood, and they’ll make it through, but Theo is consistently angry with Kass. Theo then calls his grandmother and mother who encourage him not to fight Kass. This fire has been extinguished, but it will flare up again.

2. Sister Sister

After a night at the club, Mike comes home and is flirting with Jordan. Eventually he steps out, and he is met with the Stack sisters. Katrina and Anna are now a pair, and they will not tolerate any jokes from Mike. Especially when Mike make a joke surrounding Anna’s relationship with Peter. Their roommates put an end to the fight, but later in the night Mike brags about being an instigator and he will make sure there is more drama with the Stacks.

3. Leaving Family For Family


Kassius’s relationship with Theo is adding stress to his life, and he starts to break down. He feels bad because he left his two-year-old son to be on this show, and he’s not even making progress on his relationship. Additionally, he could be working to provide for his son, but instead he is on The Real World. Tyara tries to comfort him earlier in the episode, and later on Jennifer tries to comfort him. Really, he wants to work on his relationship with Theo, but Theo isn’t having it.

4. Where’s the Beef?


Peter and Mike decide to squash their beef. Peter claims Mike owes him $2,000 in bar tabs. Mike says he was a shitty friend, and Peter says all he wanted was for Mike to acknowledge this. Now, Mike has another friend in the house and will not be impacted by the twist.

5. Budding Love


Anna and Peter has been growing closer throughout the season, but Katrina doesn’t seem to approve. Eventually, Anna talks with Peter and he says he has been taking it slow because of Katrina. Anna wants him to keep pursuing her because Katrina is always the reason her relationships fail. The two seem to be on the verge of being Real World official!

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