Challenge: Invasion

Will Being a Father Help or Hurt CT’s Game?

CT returns to The Challenge with a new source of inspiration: his son! CT’s son Christopher Jr. AKA CJ AKA whatever-CT-feels-like-calling-him has given CT a new purpose in life, and he seems to be loving the dad life!

On the most recent episode we saw CT call his girlfriend and son back at home, which is in Florida now. CT was thrilled to talk to his son and said he was worried his son would forget about him while he’s gone. This small clip is a demonstration of how CT has changed over the past two years and I can certainly say we’re watching a new version of CT. I’m fairly confident his days of fighting to establish dominance and flirting to gain votes are gone. We now have a man who is competing to give his family some extra money… even though he does have a job at home.

And I’m going to be quite frank here, I’m thrilled that this is the side of CT we’re seeing this season. I was concerned production would try to dwell on his past relationship with Diem. While I have no doubt that CT will always have love for Diem, I’m happy his presence on the show is not a forced continuation of his story with Diem.

Now that we’ve seen this new side of CT, it begs the question whether CT’s new chapter in life will be an asset or hindrance to his game. On one side, we see CT missing his son. Having a child at home has been tough for other competitors on prior season. Derrick, Robin, and even Tony have struggled being away from a child for a prolonged period of time. It seems like fatherhood is not only part of CT’s routine, but his favorite part of his routine. Being away from his song will certainly distract him from the game, but will it be enough to complete take his head out of the game?

On the flip side, CT has more motivation than ever to win. While he was certainly motivated on past seasons like Rivals 2, there is no better reason to win than to provide for your family. Yes, we know CT is working in real estate now, but winning The Challenge will give him a sizable income increase. Plus, as I mentioned before, being away from his son is definitely going to be difficult. He wouldn’t want to lose the game and have spent this time away from his son for nothing.

How do you feel about the new CT? And do you think this will help his game?


  1. I can’t see any of the competitors beating CT in an elimination, I think he’ll make it to the final but I don’t know if his endurance has increased yet. It always seems to be his down fall. Also, even if he doesn’t win, I’m sure he’s getting paid a lot just to show up.

  2. No one is going to throw him in. As long as he doesn’t get last he will probably go straight to the finals.

  3. I think he’ll be more motivated to win. Plus he would hopefully know better as well. Remember he got kicked off twice.

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