Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 7

It’s a Champion elimination!

1. Know Your Role

It’s a Champion elimination, and the challenge is called Roll With the Punches. In this challenge, pairs will spend three minutes in a roller made of four beams that is suspended over the water. Competitors must leap from beam-to-beam as many times as possible without falling into the water. The team who accumulates the most rotations wins, and for the Champions, the pair who accumulates the most rotations will be safe from elimination and get to send a teammate of the opposite sex into The Fortress. Some people find this process easy, especially CT who is tall enough to spend the whole time standing. Other people, like Amanda only get in one hop before falling.

2. Old Dog With Old Tricks

Because there are five Underdog pairs and only four Champion pairs, the Champs get to send one pair a second time. Zach and CT posted good scores, so Bananas wants to make sure he and Laurel can go again so he can ensure his safety. He tells the team Laurel was the best female, so their team would post the best score. This works, and the Champs let Laurel and Bananas go a second time. For Bananas, this is a success. He earns the best score so he and Laurel get safety. Also, The Champions win the mission and bank $10,000 into their team bank. Bananas then sends Cara Maria into The Fortress while Laurel sends in Zach.

3. Champions Losing Champions

For the first time this season, the Champions must vote each other into elimination. Bananas and Laurel don’t get to vote, as they’ve already sent in two players. For the guys, Zach and Darrell send in Ashley K. because she’s the “weakest link.” For the girls, Cara Maria and Laurel send in Darrell, claiming he had the worst male performance of the day. Interestingly, CT and Camila vote for each other. While neither end up in elimination, it’s surprising to see them throwing daggers at each other.

4. Putting Rumors to Rest

Jenna is still upset over the rumor that Bruno “finger-blasted” her on the plane ride to Thailand. She finally tells Zach why she’s upset. Not because of the rumor, but because she didn’t want Zach to catch wind of the rumor and get mad at her. Zach laughs it off, claiming he has no right to be mad at Jenna over anything. At least Zach is understanding in this situation…

5. Classic Match-Up

TJ announces that the Champions will be competing in “classic” eliminations throughout the season, and the first is Pole Wrestle. It’s a simple concept: the two competitors must wrestle for a pole. Whoever obtains the pole two times first is declared the winner. Cara Maria and Ashley K. go first. People claim Ashley put up a good fight, but Cara Maria won two heats pretty easily. Then Zach and Darrell go. Zach claims he’s fighting for his good friend Knight who would have told him to give it his all, while Darrell claims he’s fighting for the money… because he likes to win money. In the battle, Darrell lets Zach wear himself out and then snatches the pole. This strategy works, because Zach loses to Darrell twice giving Darrell the win.


  1. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I hate to lose a Champion but there is no battle more exciting than two Champions going after each other. I love it.

  2. This format is so bogus. Why would we want to see 2 champions fight when nubes like Hunter and Sylphia are still in the game!

  3. Nothing against Ashley K (she’s hot and happy to see her back) but they couldn’t get another female who had more experience?

    1. More experience doesn’t necessarily mean any better. Camila and Zach have lost many times so what makes them better?

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