Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Midway Trailer Breakdown

WARNING, there are some obvious spoilers here. If you don’t wanna know, you shouldn’t analyze the trailer this much.

Camila and Bananas crawling across inner tubers:

Nicole, Amanda, and Ashley in an elimination:

Dario calling someone out for not having his back:

Cory and Nelson getting into some type of fight. Might be an elimination, might just be at an elimination:

Shane and Nicole on inner tubes:

CT, likely in elimination:

Jenna falling off of a ropes course:

Cory and Camila in love:

Nicole and Laurel, not having a good time:

Nicole and Laurel, having a good time:

Nicole moving on to Cara Maria:

Laurel is hurt:

Jenna in an eating contest:

Cory losing the eating contest:

The who Underdog team, ready for a nice plate of curry:

Dario vs. Nelson:

Dario covered in paint:

Cara Maria ready for battle:

Nelson covered in paint:

Nicole getting dragged:

Ashley going crazy:

Laurel vs. Amanda fight:

Ashley gets advice from CT… who’s wearing a sleeping mask:

Ashley crying in elimination:

Nicole, Jenna, and Amanda in some type of challenge:

Amanda going for a ride:

Blurry, but this is Cara Maria and Laurel in an elimination:

This is the final:

TJ telling the cast this will be a three-day final:


Nelson and Nicole on a rope course:

Hunter claiming he can’t be beat:

Ashley frolicking in some bamboo:

Jenna on an inner tube:

The CT Chariot:

Bananas vs. Darrell:

Bananas eating bacon:


    1. with a short blonde female which is 95% Camila which can be confirmed at picture where they are facing TJ on the boat.

  1. Still can’t figure out why they included the shot from the Finals in the preview!!!
    A white giant and a tiny girl champion?: So obviously CT & probably Camilla.
    2 black dudes w/ 2 really petite girls that could be obscured in front of them?: Obviously Cory, Nelson & either Nicole, Ashley and/or Amanda.
    It’s been so obvious how everything goes down for weeks. Kinda took the wind out of the eliminations.

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