Challenge: Invasion

The Challenge Invasion: Top Moments from Episode 8

Just what we wanted… and eating challenge!

1. The Spice of Life

This week TJ ups the ante and announced that the Curry Up challenge will be worth $15,000 for the winning team. At this challenge competitors will need to eat a bowl of curry soup at two stations, one being spicy and the second being spicier. The completed bowls are then puzzle pieces, so the teams must race back to their base and assemble a puzzle. For the Underdogs, the first male and female to run back to their base after the second station will receive immunity and the opportunity to send a teammate of the opposite sex into elimination. For the Champions, all competitors must eat at least one bowl of soup, but there is the same volume of soup as the Underdogs so some competitors will have to eat more. This isn’t an issue, as Darrell, CT and Camila are excited to eat the curry. The Champs are able to finish before the Underdogs, but the Underdogs are only really concerned about safety. Hunter and Nicole win safety, and The Champs win the challenge.

2. Shady Shane

Hunter sends Jenna into elimination as she’s on the opposite side of his alliance while Nicole sends in Dario using the same logic. It seems like these alliances are still dominating decisions in the house, but apparently Shane made a deal with Nicole where they would not send each other into elimination if they won the challenge. Dario tells Ashley, Amanda and Sylvia this information in an attempt to save his ass and get Shane sent into elimination… and to be honest he is raising doubts among Shane’s allies.

3. Underdog Votes

Sylvia makes the vote easy for the guys, she nominates herself because she had the worst performance in the Curry Up challenge. For the girls, Jenna starts off the votes by nominating Shane. However, the other girls send in Dario. Despite his best efforts, Dario was not able to swing the girls’ votes to send in Shane.

4. As the Bell Tolls

The elimination is called Bell Ringer and the competitors must ring a bell and break sixteen ceramic pots containing chalk paint. As competitors progress, they will be doused in paint making it more difficult to see. Nelson manages to have use proper bell-ringing technique to beat Dario. Sylvia seems to do well at the beginning, but their ceramic pots get tangled in her rope as she rings the bell and Jenna is able to overcome Sylvia’s early lead and take home victory.

5. Prank War Victims

Bananas is up to his old antics, and he pranks the Underdogs girls by taking their toilet seat and sending it into the middle of a lake on a float. Ashley gets very upset by this because she is feeling sick after the Curry Up challenge and production needs to calm her down. Later, Camila and Cara Maria put chips under Ashley and Amanda’s sheets so they hear crunches when they lie in bed. The Underdog girls get mad, but Ashley directs her anger at Hunter because he is laughing at her. She knows Hunter knows who pulled this prank, but he’s not talking. This results in a divide in Ashley and Hunter’s relationship.

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