Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Aneesa and Veronica are Pissed Over Last Week’s “Hook Up”

Old-school Challenge fans were surprised and intrigued due to last week’s “hook up” between Aneesa and Veronica. While it is known that both of these girls have been on the show since 2002 and both of them have dated Rachel, no one expected these two to hook up on screen.

Perhaps the most surprised to see the hook up on screen were Aneesa and Veronica themselves. Why? Because the hook up never happened.

So here’s what happened… according to Twitter at least.

Like many cast members, Aneesa took advantage of the free wine on the show. In fact, she seemed to have a little too much of the free wine. At this point her memory become spotty and she was unaware of everything she said to Veronica. She does own the fact that everything said on television was actually said, though she wasn’t aware of all of the statements until she watched the footage we all saw on TV. However, despite being overly touchy, she admits that there was no hook up. Production was trying to use footage of Veronica helping a drunk Aneesa get to bed to create the illusion that the two hooked up.

Veronica’s story is consistent with Aneesa’s, and while she appreciates Aneesa’s apology, she isn’t convinced Aneesa is as upset as she is. In fact, Veronica insists that Aneesa may like the attention she is receiving from the hook up. She does promise one thing… more will be revealed at the reunion.

However, there is no hook up to be discussed. Just a touchy, vulgar, drunk Aneesa being put to bed by Veronica.

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