Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

The Challenge XXX: Top Moments from Episode 8

Second half of elimination and exactly one challenge.

1. After the Weight

We pick back up on the second half of the Deadweight elimination, and we see Cory and Hunter competing. Out of the gate it looks like a close race between these two friends. Nelson is the only one torn here, because both of them are his friends. However, all of the vets want Cory gone. The two guys race up their ladders and ring the bell. Of course, its a photo finish, but Hunter wins and sends Cory to redemption.

2. Love At Home

The episode is prolonged by some stories from home: Britni calls her mom and for some reason this mundane conversation makes the final cut. Dario talks about his relationship with Ashley K., like we didn’t see it last season. Finally, we see a call from Tony’s second baby mama Alyssa. Tony talks to his younger daughter and then talks about how he wants to propose to Alyssa and give her a momcation.

3. Orderly Disorder 

Kailah and Hunter get to pick the order for the Talk Dirty to Me challenge, and it’s the trivia challenge of the season! The goal is to be the last person standing. To get out, you must accumulate three X’s. If you answer wrong you get an X, but if you answer correctly you can assign an X to someone else. Hunter and Kailah arrange their opponents so their enemies go first and their allies go last. Bad idea, because when an enemy gets and X she throws it right to Kailah (or to Hunter for the men). This results and Hunter and Kailah getting eliminated before they even answer a question. Because the bottom four get into the double cross, Kailah and Hunter’s games are on the line.

4. Smart and Dry

After a series of question, Kailah, Britni, Jenna and Tori are in the bottom for the girls. Hunter, Nelson, Dario, and Jordan earn a spot in the bottom for the guys. Camila, who had a panic attack over falling into the water, manages to win for the girls and stays dry. For the men, Tony somehow wins. What’s surprising about this is not just the fact that he did a great job answering questions, but also the fact that all of the veterans like him enough to allow him to win.

5. Back of the Bus Lovin’

It’s Cara Maria’s birthday! The cast goes clubbing, and Camila and Tony (who are both safe because they won) get drunk. On the ride home, Camila sits in the back of the bus and starts to talk to Tony about all the power they have due to their victory. Somehow, Tony comprehends this as Camila wanting to kiss him. She pushed back, telling Tony this is a mistake, but Tony is persistent. When they cast gets home and the bus clears out, the two feel like there’s enough privacy and they make out. However, the Camera caught it….

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