Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

The Challenge XXX: Top Moment from Episode 11

Redemption is over. Let the shitshow resume.

1. The Returning Captains

Aneesa and Hunter are back! Now, the 18 remaining competitors are competing in a challenge called Saved by the Bell where four teams of four have to traverse a series of five bell-shaped platforms suspended over water. Two teams compete at once, and the team who has the most members complete the challenge will be safe and eligible to win. The team who completes with the fewest people will be heading into the double cross along with the one male and one female not picked due to the odd number of players. Because they’ve just returned from Redemption, Aneesa and Hunter are captains so they get to pick two other captains. Aneesa choses Britni, while Hunter picks his boy Nelson. The teams are picked, and Dario and Veronica are not selected for teams.

2. The Highs and the Lows

In the first heat, Jordan is the only person from Britni’s team to complete the challenge. While his performance was impressive, both Hunter and CT complete from the opposing team. In the next heat, only Leroy completes on Nelson’s team. On Aneesa’s team, both Aneesa and Bananas fall, leaving Derrick and Jenna. Derrick manages to help Jenna across, meaning they have two people complete the challenge. However, Hunter’s team completed faster than Aneesa’s team so they win and Hunter, CT, Kailah, and Camila have the power to send in one male and one female.

3. Rookie Revenge

Hunter’s past few days have been an emotional roller coaster. Prior to the challenge, his girlfriend called and broke up with him. Then he won the challenge, and he’s gunning for Jordan even though the other winners like Jordan and think Hunter’s vote would bit him in the ass. Later, the cast goes to the club where Hunter picks a fight with Kailah. He calls her out for being an unimpressive competitor and doing nothing. Kailah retaliates by saying Hunter already lost and he’s not that great, but Hunter flips that around by claiming that he beat Kailah’s “man” (Cory). The fight seems like it came out of the blue, but Kailah suspects it’s due to the fact that she rejected any advances Hunter made in the past.

4. New School Fools


When the cast gets home, Nelson and Hunter are talking as they prepare for bed. Nelson is talking about how he wants to take out all of the old school competitors, but Derrick is right outside of the room listening. Derrick asks who Nelson is talking about, and Nelson resorts to shoving Derrick and punching him. The fight quickly deescalates but Nelson is sent to a hotel and Hunter runs around trying to do damage control.

5. A Surprise Vote

The winning team gathers to vote in two competitors to the Presidio. They agree that Veronica should go in for the girls because they wouldn’t want to be paired with her. When they get to the men, most people want to vote in Nelson because of his antics the prior night. Hunter votes for Jordan, but it doesn’t matter because the majority will vote for Nelson. The cast then gathers for the vote, and TJ drops a bomb… Nelson has been removed from the competition due to his shoving match and a different male will have to be voted in.

…to be continued

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