Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Did Nelson Deserve to Be Sent Home?

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Nelson got himself sent home from The Challenge. He got into a spur of the moment argument with Derrick, of all people, and that turned into a shoving match and failed punch.

This is fairly standard behavior for Nelson. Watch the Underdog Purge on Invasion, or his argument with Cory on the Invasion reunion, or his argument with Bananas earlier this season. He’s never been kicked off the show before, so why was this time any different? Especially when people like Camila freak out on the regular and get to stay in the house.

I don’t have a real answer for this, other than the fact that Nelson’s behaviors are making him a liability. He’s making Challenge security work for the paychecks and he’s known to flip his switch any moment. Especially when he has already had an altercation earlier in the season with Bananas. This is fairly similar to Tony & Camila on Rivals 3. While their behaviors fall into the gray zone in terms of acceptability, having these things happen twice in a season makes competitors a bigger liability than their worth. It’s only a matter of time before these shoving matches turn into a full-on brawl.

At the same time, we have other liabilities still in the house. Camila threw dumbbells and shoved half the house and security, not to mention her racist remarks. Tony has been known to get really intoxicated an lose recollection of his actions. And let’s be honest, if they’re trying to make an interesting show keeping Nelson around would make sense. He and Hunter are the only two who are fighting against Bananas and his army of vets. I wouldn’t be shocked if Nelson eliminated a big dog in this game, so keeping him around create better competition for the remaining competitors. Now, Hunter is the only person who will have to fight that battle.

How do you feel about Nelson’s ejection from the game?


  1. The only reason they sent him home is beacuse he touched there beloved derek. Jenn punched mandi in the face, NIa beat johnny and Avery, Dustin mushed frank in the face…. these are all examples of what production chooses to see and not see. I wonder lets say if derek was to musssh nelson like that would he have been sent home?

  2. Also lets not Forget that tony and shane literaly fought each other on bloodlines and got a slap on the wrist.. Its just another way how the tv industry keeps systematic rasicm into play. If you gonna send someone home for violent or threating behavior than have the same standard for everyone not just the angry black man.

  3. And if your gonna talk about liablites look whos on the show now…. Camilla and Tony… 2 people who have literally tried to kill each other on rivals 3 but hey its ok for them to come back and have the same outburst every season beacause there favoirtes or maybe is it because there white?

  4. Another example would be Theo being sent home on his real world season for literally trying to fight kassius but they didnt even do any damage to one another. But let jenn and katrina and her sister have a brawl and they all get to stay right… Mtv is always talking about equality and everyone should be treated right ; but when push comes to shove … they would rather push a angry black man or woman ( darrel, Nelson, Nia,) out before they would a white person( Tony, Dustin, Jenn, Shane, Camillia) Like Mtv keep it real with the viewers dont try to pass of this cookie cutter paula deen ass shit and expect people to be ok with it : Maybe this is why your ratings are horribble

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