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Big Brother On The Challenge: Is It a Good Idea?

If you follow rumors & spoilers for the upcoming Challenge seasons, you’ve definitely noticed that we have some unlikely additions to the cast of season 31. Four cast members from season 18 of Big Brother are supposed to be joining the cast.

Victor, Corey, Natalie and Michelle are allegedly in Gibraltar with a bunch of other Real World/ Challenge/ AYTO alum.

Is this a good move? Challenge fans met the introduction of AYTO with a lot of resistance, but bringing in a show from an entirely different network opens Pandora’s box when it comes to casting.

Why I Don’t Like This Move: I admit, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to The Challenge. There’s so much untapped potential with recent Real World seasons, not to mention the buckets of desperate AYTO Cast looking for a second shot at fame and money. It seems like there’s no need to bring in more people. Unlike AYTO, I did watch Big Brother prior to the cast being integrated into The Challenge, but it doesn’t mean I’m thrilled about the new additions.

Why This Move Is Good: This is a sign of MTV’s investment in the future of The Challenge, especially of The Real World is on the way out. For an MTV show, The Challenge has been getting decent ratings, but Big Brother 18 averaged 6-times more viewers than Rivals 3 (which aired alongside BB18). Not only does this prove the MTV wants more people to be interested in The Challenge, but this move could attract some of BB’s audience to the show and increase ratings.

What The Could Means: With Celebrity Big Brother on the horizon, many people believe someone from The Challenge will be on Celeb BB. However, I wouldn’t necessarily think that’s true. This seems like a very one-sided deal where MTV gains a lot and CBS ends up with a pseudo celeb on their “celebrity” based show. For the fans, the best news is that MTV wants to invest in The Challenge, but The Challenge may change in the future and we could be seeing a lot of other reality shows feeding into The Challenge.


  1. Honestly I wish they kept in MTV universe, do another bloodlines and/or fresh meat. Also Real World/Road Rules/Fresh Meat should have top priority always.

    1. Maybe a lot of the top priorities declined to be on it … and/or they’re doing a “themed teams” season – like 4 from BB, 4 from AYTO, 4 from Skeletons, etc….
      BB is similar to The Challenge, so I can see the crossover. My favorite part OF watching BB is the competitions – so The Challenge has gained a new viewer in me, and will likely do the same for many others who enjoy competition-based shows.

  2. My preference is to have cast members from only Real World/Road Rules/Fresh Meat on The Challenge BUT if they have to bring in new people, I would much prefer cast members from Big Brother than AYTO. I have watched all BB seasons whereas I haven’t watched any AYTO shows. I think it could potentially bring in a lot of new viewers.

  3. I don’t watch BB but I have watched AYTO, and frankly they only chose the 3 new cast members from AYTO (Eddie, Alicia and Kam) to create drama. They created drama while in the house of AYTO and now they want them to do the same in the Challenge, but they are such a mistake when it comes to casting interesting people. The cast this season is sh*tty… Also I was more intrigued to see people from MTV UK than from BB, it’s the only thing I’m excited about.

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