Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Who Should Be the Most Afraid of the Green Team’s Victory?

Last week’s challenge was the most important so far this season, and the green team won, making giving a lot of power to Jordan, Tony, Britni, Kailah, and Veronica. Most people would consider this a team of wild cards, and they now have the power to send one male and one female straight to redemption. We don’t know who’s going (yet), but based on the information we do know, these are the people who should be scared:

Bananas– Jordan has been talking about making a big move, and we all know he’s no stranger to targeting Bananas. Despite the fact that the two have gotten closer since Free Agents, Jordan is not Banana’s ride or die. Tony may vouch for Bananas, but it doesn’t seem like the girls have any reason to protect him.

Cara Maria– All three girls on the team have mentioned getting rid of her at one point or another, and it’s no secret that she doesn’t like Tony. If Jordan is her saving grace, then she’s screwed because Jordan and Cara Maria aren’t that close.

Camila– All three girls have also painted a target on Camila’s back, and add in the fact that she attacked Leroy and she doesn’t have a lot of fans left. This makes her an option, but she’s also considered less of a physical threat than Cara Maria.

CT– This is a high risk move, but it may be a smart one. CT a huge threat in the game, so taking a stab at him seems smart. However, he also has a good shot of returning from redemption, and the risk of him seeking vengeance is high.

Hunter & Tori– This is the coward move, but still a strong possibility. Vote in the AYTO kids because they’re new and it causes the fewest waves. Yawn.

… who’s probably safe:

Jemmye– This would not be a big move. Jemmye has accomplished the least in the game. The girls would be smart to keep her around because she’s beatable and will make a big move in terms of targeting other players.

Leroy– He’s strong, but he’s not the leader of the pact. He sucks at puzzles and swimming, both things you should expect in a final.

Derrick– Even though eliminating him would disrupt Banana’s alliance, he’s laid low most season. This wouldn’t be a big move.

Jenna– There are bigger moves it make, but I’d mostly call her safe because Kailah has her back and will go to war to defend her.

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