Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Does Veronica Stand a Change at Winning?

On Champs vs. Pros, Veronica introduced herself as a “born again rookie.” With nearly a decade away from The Challenge, she reentered the show without any allies and competing in more intense games than before. She was out of Champs vs. Pros pretty quickly, but her appearance on Dirty Thirty has been far more successful.

Old school Challenge fans know that Veronica can compete, but they’re more likely to remember her sneaky gameplay. She was known for keeping her ass safe and manipulative gameplay. On this season, she’s mostly flown under the radar and we haven’t seen the old Veronica emerge.

Now, let’s make on this clear. Laying low is a viable strategy in this game. You don’t want to give people a reason to send you into The Presidio, but now that she’s getting voted into The Presidio she need to rely on her old ways to save herself. Her victory against Aneesa proves that she has some game left in her. After all, Aneesa is known to be an elimination beast.

Now, she won the Blackout challenge and she has the power to send a big threat into redemption. If Veronica makes that type of move, she will make the road to the final a little easier for herself. Still, getting to the final will be tough. There are a lot of good competitors in the house that could beat Veronica and taking out just one could paint a bigger target on her back than she needs.

To make it to the end, Veronica needs to make big moves and blame the other competitors, keeping her ass safe and turning allies on each other. While she did win one Presidio game, it’s wise to avoid elimination. She will need to convince other competitors to turn on the stronger competitors, creating eliminations that guarantee a strong player will go home.

I still think it will be hard for Veronica to win this game, but if the old Veronica comes out then she has a chance, at least at making it to the final. It’s really encouraging to see her compete again, and it would be very exciting to see this old school underdog get another crown.

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  1. um……… if she does what she yiu say about turning allies against each other to get bigger threats out she can make a final. But i dont know if she ca win the final. But i want her to win another title,because if she wins maybe eveyln will want to come back and tie it up again

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