Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

How Kailah Really Ran the Show this Week

This week we saw Veronica make a power move by forcing a tie, then sending Leroy into the Presidio during the revote. This was a bold move, but it didn’t have a great impact on her game. Mind you, Veronica has no allegiance to Leroy, but sending Leroy into elimination was just her way of showing that she won’t be voiceless and that the underdogs have a say.

When it comes to the women, Kailah and Jenna really had control.

If you noticed, Kailah seemed to have a change of heart between the vote and the Double Cross. Going into the vote, she said she was voting for Jemmye and her vote was final. After taking out Cara Maria, she didn’t want to send Camila into elimination. Then, once Jemmye was secured into her spot in the Presidio, Kailah suddenly wanted Camila’s name to get called. What’s this all about?

Well, Kailah wanted to keep Jenna as safe as she could. By sending Jemmye into elimination, Jenna would have the best shot of winning if she did end up going into the Presidio. Her move wasn’t necessarily about avoiding the repercussions of taking out two big competitors, it was just a matter of keeping an ally and friend safe. Then, the cast gets to the Presidio. With luck on Jenna’s side, she pulls the double cross and is able to send Camila into elimination. Both Kailah and Jenna were excited at this point because Jenna was safe and Camila had a shot of going home.

The one flaw in this plan: sending Jemmye into elimination would give Jenna her best shot of winning, but it also gave Camila her best shot of winning. Even though Jemmye has the size advantage, Camila pulled out the win.

Despite the fact that Camila wasn’t sent to Redemption, Kailah and Jenna executed their plan really well. I loved seeing Veronica make a power move again, and seeing her sneaky side come out, but she didn’t have full control here.

On a side note, I would like to acknowledge how well Jemmye handled this whole situation. She even admitted that karma got her for throwing Jenna into the second elimination.

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  1. Jemmye (who I usually don’t like) handled the situation the way you should in a game like this. Camilla, Leroy, and Cara all acted entitled. V has no allegiance to Leroy and he even admitted that. D is her dude and Hunter burned a vote to avoid saying her name. Jenna had two choices, tori or Camilla. Camilla had no reason to blow up on her and Cara threw Jordan in before so being mad that he returned the favor is ridiculous. It’s a game. That’s what you do. And in a season where they have been voting people in based on when they’ve acted like drunken fools, camilla was long over due.

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