Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

Have the Rookies Outplayed the Veterans?

On the upcoming episode, we’re in for a brawl. It looks like Camila has finally irritated Tori enough that Tori’s going to stand up for herself:

With Cara Maria gone, and no alliance with Jenna and Kailah, it seems like Camila has become a lone ranger. No one is going to save her, especially if Cara Maria does not return from the redemption house.

Here’s the issue for Camia: her mouth. She’s verbally attacked Leroy this season and really irritated and offended the bulk of the cast. And now she’s confronting Kailah and Jenna about the move, which is not allowing her to fade into the background.

If Camila was a strategist, she’d try to join forces with Britni and Veronica to take out Jenna, Kailah, and Tori. However, he argumentative nature will prevent her from making the strategic move and she’ll dig herself into a deeper hole. We’ve seen this type of behavior from her in the past, so we know it’s what we should expect from her in the future. She’ll likely try to work with Johnny and his friends, even they they don’t have a lot of power to keep her safe.

For Camila to survive it will be an uphill battle. Knowing her, it’s very possible she will survive. She’s good in eliminations and she’s won a lot of challenges this season. But one mistake could send her to redemption, and even worse, there could be another purge or “straight-to-redemption” twist that screws her over. At this point, I believe she will be targeted from all angles so she better be prepared to fight.

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