Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty

The Challenge XXX: Top Moments from Episode 14

Finally! A full challenge then a full elimination.

1. Stabbed In the Front

We start off with a challenge called Backstabber, and it’s literally a foot race, but suspended 600 feet in the air. Three at a time, players will race down the beam and push an X in the left, center, or right. The person racing on the corresponding beam will fall and be eligible to be sent straight to redemption. The fastest male and female runner will choose one loser to go to redemption and one player to go straight to The Presidio. In the first heat, Bananas, Derrick, and Jordan race. Derrick hits Jordan’s X first. The second heat is Tony vs. Hunter, and Hunter hits the X first. For the females, we have Camila, Britni and Veronica. Camila hits Veronica’s X first. Then we have Jenna, Kailah and Tori. Jenna hits Tori’s X first.

2. The Unforgiving Winners

Derrick, Hunter, Camila, and Jenna have won their heats. Hunter and Jenna have the fastest times, making them the winners and giving them power. They now have to choose between Jordan, Tony, Veronica, and Tori to go straight to redemption. Hunter sends in Jordan, who has continuously voted him in, and Jenna seconds that vote. Then, Jenna votes for Veronica because she doesn’t want to lose her ally Tori, and Hunter seconds her vote. Now Jordan and Veronica are going straight into redemption.

3. An Unredeemable Mistake

 Jordan and Veronica arrive in the redemption house and have to face a group of people they’ve angered in the past. Most people understand the nature of the game, but Cara Maria gets particularly mad when she discovers that Jordan wanted to send her straight to redemption. Jordan explains that he wouldn’t want to run a final with Cara Maria, and this makes Cara Maria mad because she’s a champion and spends a lot of time training for the show. She gets so mad that she throws Jordan’s bag of clothes in the water and wants Jordan to sleep in a different room. Jordan shrugs her off, which probably makes her madder.

4. The Vote and the Backlash 

Hunter and Jenna have to vote one person of each sex straight to the Presidio. For the men, they vote Derrick K. For the women, Jenna votes for Camila and Hunter supports her even though he’d rather vote in Kailah. This angers Camila, who yells at Jenna after the nominations. Tori defends Jenna, and starts to yell back at Camila stating that Camila is a nasty person who doesn’t know how to play a game. The girls get into a heated argument and Tori walks away before things get physical.

5. Reel World Problems

At the double cross, Tori gets to send in Britni. Tony gets to send in Bananas, though he has no choice because there are only two men drawing crosses. The game is called The Reel World and it requires players to throw their bodies over a huge spool that will turn and wind up a rope. The first person to fully wind up the rope wins. For the women, Camila wins easily because Britini can hardly get her body over the spool. For the men, the battle is more intense. Bananas seems to take a lead early because he managed to stand on the spool, prolonging the time he gets to wind it up. However, he gets gassed and Derrick uses the same strategy. Derrick manages to defeat Bananas despite the fact that Bananas had a lead in the beginning. Now Britni and Bananas join the crew in Redemption.

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