The Challenge

Ten Sloppiest Break Ups on The Challenge

At the Challenge: Dirty Thirty reunion, we saw the aftermath of the Tori & Derrick break up. It was not pleasant, but it wasn’t the first time we saw exes battle on The Challenge. Here are ten of the most uncomfortable moments recreated by two exes being trapped in a Challenge house together. Surprisingly, only a few of these moments were created by the forced Exes theme on the show.

10. Rachel & Aneesa (The Duel 2)– These two had a quick relationship after Battle of the Sexes 1 in 2002. It ended, and the two seemed to have moved on. This was until they appeared on The Duel 2 together over half a decade later. When Rachel started to hook up with Jenn, Aneesa accused Rachel of teasing her. On the other hand, Rachel just wanted to move on with her life. By the time they were on Exes together they were able to work together, but feelings lingered for a long time before they had the chance to explode.

9. Paula & Dunbar (Cutthroat)– I don’t think these two had a real relationship, but if they didn’t this was a hook up that lasted two years longer than it should have. For years, Paula turned to Dunbar on The Challenge for emotional and physical support. On Cutthroat, over two years after they first met on The Island, Dunbar promised he’d have Paula’s back no matter what. Then, Dunbar voted Paula into the final Gulag and Paula lost. This kept Paula off the winning red team and fueled hatred between the two. By the time the reunion rolled around, Paula was still mad and made fun of Dunbar for his questionable career choices.

8. Johnny & Averey (Battle of the Exes 2)

Johnny and Averey were inseparable on The Real World Portland, but their relationship was crumbling by the time Johnny was on Free Agents. After his hook up with Nany, their relationship was definitively over. This made their pairing on Exes 2 very uncomfortable and there was no communication between the two. Their tension was amplified by the fact that Johnny was working with Bananas while Averey didn’t want to be a part of that alliance. The two fought, and Averey accused Johnny of no longer being Johnny- he was Reilly now.

7. Mike & Trishelle (The Inferno)– Mike’s relationship with Trishelle jeopardized his friendship with Coral on The Gauntlet. When the three reunited on The Inferno, Mike and Trishelle were over and there was no way Mike was picking Trishelle over Coral. While at a club, Trishelle threatened to beat Coral’s ass. She was later eliminated from the show and Mike started dating Kendal. While their relationship was budding, Trishelle was back at home spreading rumors about Mike and Kendal to Mike’s friends. Mike and Kendal prevailed (for a while), but Trishelle tried her best to halt that from happening.

6. Knight & Jemmye (Rivals 2)

There will always be an undeniable chemistry between Knight & Jemmye and perhaps they knew each other a little too well. While they managed to work well together as exes on Battle of the Seasons, their tensions finally erupted on Rivals 2 when Jemmye was starting to flirt with Leroy. In the middle of a fight, Knight sprayed Jemmye with ketchup, which is her biggest fear. Jemmye retaliated by throwing a trash can at Knight. When the two returned for Exes 2, they were back to working well together… go figure.

5. Zach & Jonna (Battle of the Exes 2)– There’s no denying that Zach did Jonna wrong by ghosting on her after Battle of the Seasons. During Rivals 2 and Free Agents the two effectively ignored each other, but there was no ignoring each other when they were paired together as Exes 2. While Jonna was a decent competitor, there was no appeasing Zach. He was constantly blaming her for their shortcomings which resulted in Jonna feeling frustrated all season. Perhaps the most memorable outburst was Zach ranting about women being inferior to men… yikes.

4. Tori & Derrick (Dirty Thirty)Tori and Derrick appeared to be a power couple early into Dirty Thirty until Derrick was eliminated after the first real challenge of the season. Tori managed to survive until the end of the season-that-never-ended and during this time she fell out of love with Derrick. After the final she hooked up with Jordan which Derrick believes is cheating. Tori disagrees with the cheating accusation, but she doesn’t deny her actions. Later, Derrick started receiving screen shots of Tori’s texts with Jordan from an unknown number. Tori hired a private investigator who identified the unknown number as a computer generated number from New York. Tori believe Derrick may have set her up and Derrick’s only alibi was that he can’t hack computers because he’s black.

3. CT & Diem (The Duel 2)– By the time The Duel 2 rolled around, CT and Diem were broken up so Diem could focus on her career. CT wanted to be with Diem, but she wanted him to wait. To fill his time, CT hooked up with Shavon. CT’s foe Adam then told Diem about the hook up and all hell broke loose. A huge fight erupted where CT punched Adam and both Adam and CT were sent home. Fortunately, the two were able to repair their damaged relationship on seasons like Battle of the Exes 1 & 2.

2. Wes & Johanna (The Ruins)

A lot of people rely on The Challenge for money, but Wes appeared on The Ruins for a different reason: revenge. He was mad at Kenny and Johanna for hooking up on The Island and publicly ending his relationship with Johanna. On The Ruins he threatened to throw missions so the Champion team would lose money. No one could reason with him, so Johanna pulled the dirtiest card she could. Her name was on the deed to Wes’s house. If he didn’t behave, she would sell Wes’s house. If you ever want to see Wes speechless, this is a good clip to watch.

1. Abe & Cara Maria (Battle of the Bloodlines)

Unsurprisingly, this is number one. After years of an on-again-off-again relationship with Abe, Cara Maria wanted to end things. She also wanted to win a Challenge. So to win allies in the game she was going to politic however she could. This involved massaging (and hooking up, and an alleged hand job) with Thomas. After numerous people had to leave the season with injuries, Abe and his brother were brought in as a replacement team. Things got really awkward when Cara Maria tried to hide her actions, then Johnny  and Vince exposed her cover-ups to Abe. Viewers watched cringe-inducing conversations and Abe trying to fight Thomas. There was no recovering from this, and both are single now.

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