Champs vs. Stars

Champs Vs. Stars: MVPs from Episode 1

Just like last season, I will be posting the MVPs from each team instead of doing a full recap.

Challenge: Tow Truck- teams must pull a tow truck down a parking lot. There are check points along the way, and at the check points players can swap places so new people can pull the rope. The Champs dominated this one.

Elimination: Target Practice- Cory vs. Matt Rife. Players stand on a giant spinning platform (with the print of a fidget spinner on it) and must throw balls into a target behind there opponent. Whoever throws the most balls into the target over the course of two rounds wins. Matt managed to get more balls in that Cory, so Cory went home.

Champs MVP: Zach

Competition wise, there wasn’t too much notable from the Champs team. Zach earned the MVP spot for being the anchor throughout the entire Tow Truck challenge, never leaving his spot and pulling the team to victory. Plus, his team voted him MVP and he won $5,000 for his charity.

Stars MVP: Matt

This is where the “Stars” team differs from the “Pros” team last season. When a Pro volunteered to go into elimination, I truly felt that Pro wanted to prove something. When Matt, a rising “star” volunteered I couldn’t help but think he just wanted the guaranteed camera time. Still, he did win in his elimination and sent Cory home. Having one more male on the Stars team will be beneficial, and Matt did his job in The Arena.

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