Real World Austin

Real World Austin Reunites at Wes’s Wedding

Saturday was a big day for Real World Austin alumni and Challenge champion Wes Bergmann. He married his wife Amanda Hornick in a ceremony attended by some of his old Real World roommates.

Rachel, Lacey, Melinda, and Nehamiah joined Wes for the ceremony. While the wedding did not have a huge MTV presence, this Austin crew was also joined by one newer face: Devin. The AYTO3 alumni and Wes’s costar on Rivals 3 and Champs vs. Stars was also a guest at the ceremony.

It appears Wes’s ex girlfriend Johanna was not in attendance. Surprisingly, his good friend Danny was not in attendance either or he was regulated to taking the pictures of the Austin roommate.

Regardless, It’s nice to see these guys have remained close throughout the years. It was around this time 13 years ago that Real World: Austin debuted on MTV. And of course, a big congratulations are due for Wes and Amanda! Hoping they have a marriage full of happiness, success, and Challenge appearances!

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