Champs vs. Stars 2

Shane & Brooke: The Team to Beat?

When the Champs and Stars split into pairs, a few immediately caught my attention. Specifically, CT & Tony, Louise & Capser, and Wes & Booby. While these teams seem to be the strongest, there was one wild card team: Shane & Brooke. The Road Rules veteran and Hogan Knows Best star have taken a liking to each other and have proven they’re here to compete.

Shane has been a notable competitor over the past few seasons. Returning from a decade-long hiatus, he’s in better shape at 35 than he was at 25. Notably, he was determined to prove he was the best swimmer on episode 7 of Champs vs. Star, and he did manage to outperform Wes and win the challenge. His partner Brooke has put in a mixed performance this season. She beat Kam in an elimination, but also quit during one of the daily challenges. While she has given some reason to doubt her performance, she redeemed herself with a solid performance this week.

Champs and Stars continue to throw attacks at each other, so CT & Tony and Casper & Louise have become big targets. Meanwhile, mixed teams like Shane & Brooke are able to play the middle. The Champs want to keep Shane around and the Stars want to keep Brooke. These relationships have placed them in a good position moving forward. However, they did need to be the team who sent Casper & Louise into The Arena, so they’ve increased their target and shown more loyalty to the Champs side.

Despite this, Shane & Brooke are looking good. Both have a lot of fight in them, and they work well together. Mentally, they’re on the same page and there’s a good amount of trust between the two. After last week’s episode, their team has become a bigger threat in my eyes. Now it’s time for them to keep up their momentum and maintaining good relationships with others. While people like CT or Wes will likely shoot for bigger targets, I could see people like Louise or Lil Mama identifying these two as threats and trying to get them out.

This team is an interesting mix into a game where I thought we had clear front runners, but I’d love to be surprised with new champions.

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