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The Real World: Leaving MTV, Heading for Streaming?

With recent chatter of The Real Word Season 33, little has come to formation beyond a casting call. Now, there’s a rumor that MTV may not be the ones airing The Real World. Recent reports claim the show is eyeing streaming services for a “reboot” of the show. Even though the show was never formally cancelled (to my knowledge) the word “reboot” is trendy right now, we we’re calling this transition a “reboot.”This would be a big transition for a show that aired on MTV for 25 years from 1992-2017. While the show did have some changes over the year, more recently implementing twists into the show, this would likely be the biggest shift yet. At this point, it’s not a huge surprise. The show has been missing from MTV’s line-up for a year and a half now. If a return is coming, it seems likely that there will be some shift accompanying it.

This is all dependent upon a streaming service wanting to pick up the show. With series like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy getting rebooted by Netflix, there may be increased interest in reality shows migrating to streaming services. MTV has also rebooted its own shows like Jersey Shore and My Super Sweet 16 on the network, so there may be hope for an MTV return if all else fails.

Either way, at this point, any news is good news.

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