Champs vs. Stars 2

Casper’s Power Play: Proof of Rigging?

Each week, production has been giving the MVP a “power play,” a special advantage to interfere with the regularly scheduled game. While the Champs have been getting some nice privileges such as benching a competitor from the next challenge (Ashley’s power), giving someone immunity from elimination (CT’s power), or assigning a disadvantage to a team in the next challenge (Shane’s power), the Stars have received more powerful powers. Louise could switch a Blue Team member with a Red Team member while Drake got to replace someone in The Arena moments before elimination began.

This week, Casper had the strongest power yet: he could eliminate two of the three worst performing teams on the day’s challenge. Many fans take this as a sign of Stars getting better powers assigned to them.

Well, I actually don’t think this was rigged for the Stars. The Miz made it clear before the challenge that the bottom three teams were in jeopardy. This was before Casper and Louise won. In fact, they’d just been assigned a disadvantage.

However, I still think you can make arguments for earlier advantages. Especially when you look at Drake’s power play. Production didn’t let hime know of his power until elimination, giving them ample time to change the power play.

I certainly think this season looks a little fishy. However, I can usually rationalize the decisions for the power plays and this week is no exception. I’m just glad we have a group of Stars who want to play the game.

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