MTV Real World Atlanta

MTV Studios Focused on Rebooting Shows for Streaming Platforms: Including The Real World

MTV has introduced a new segment of its production team named MTV Studios focused on producing content for streaming services. In line with my report of a Real World reboot from last week, MTV has discussed further plans to dive into the streaming market.

MTV has shown increased viewership in its target demographic of 12-34 since the beginning of 2018, though I’d bet most of this can be attributed to the reboot of Jersey Shore. In an effort to appeal to the younger fraction of that demographic, MTV views streaming as a valuable tool. The 12-17 year-olds prefer online services to view their content and MTV has amassed over 2.9 billion streams in 2018, a big increase from last year.

Notable series being rebooted include: The Real World, Aeon Flux, Made and Daria. Daria is going to be reintroduced as Daria & Jodie, focusing on both Daria and her equally feminist Jodie Landon. In recent years, the internet has praised Jodie for being a strong representation of a black female in a late 90’s cartoon. Meanwhile, The Real World is slated to “return to its roots,” likely abandoning the twists we saw on the past four seasons of the show. Additionally, MTV is producing a show named The Valley, similar to The Hills or The City, but taking place in Arizona. They’re also producing a show named Straight Up Ghosted trying to reconnect individuals who suddenly abandoned their relationships.

MTV is hoping to get support from streaming networks like Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix. While I appreciate the efforts by MTV, I do notice one big flaw in their plan. They’re trying to appeal to the younger 12-17 demographic by moving to streaming services, but they’re relying on reboots of seasoned shows more likely to appeal to the 18-34 year olds. Who know if this will work, but it is an opportunity to breathe new life into shows with an existing fan base.



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